Buster Posey

10 predictions for Game 7 of the World Series

1. Jeremy Guthrie will allow more than the four hits, no walks and two runs he gave up in Game 3.

2. Tim Hudson will not last five innings.

3. Madison Bumgarner will pitch two innings and hit 95 mph at least twice. No slow curves, however.

4. Salvador Perez will hit a home run.

5. Buster Posey will collect his first extra-base hit of the playoffs.

6. Fox broadcasters will show George Brett at least three times, and mention the 1985 World Series fewer times than they did last night (then again, it’s pretty easy to finish under “infinity”).

7. Fox will throw a bone to Giants fans by mentioning the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, the last team to win Game 7 of a World Series on the road (home teams have won the last nine Game 7s).

8. Fox will not mention E-40, who will again be seen throughout the game in his first row seats behind the plate (when he isn’t elsewhere in the stadium, grabbing a cocktail).

9. The game will go into extra innings.

10. The Royals will win.

Sorry, I’ve seen this movie before. We had World Series tickets in 1987, and I bragged to everyone in my elementary school that we’d be heading back to Candlestick to watch the Giants face the Twins after the Giants took a three games to two lead over St. Louis. The Cardinals won Game 6 at Busch Stadium by a score of 1-0, and Jose Oquendo’s three-run homer off Atlee Hammaker in the second inning gave the Cardinals a 4-0 lead in a Game 7 that would end with St. Louis prevailing 6-0.

Those who say momentum had nothing to do with the Giants’ loss in Game 7 of the 2002 World Series are probably right. Except they’re wrong. After the Game 6 collapse in Anaheim, the feeling at my little dumpy in-law unit house in Santa Cruz (where a few of my friends and I gathered to watch the game) was unanimous: there was no way on Earth that the Giants were going to win Game 7. We just KNEW that team and how they operated. We knew that Robb Nen was toast and Felix Rodriguez was not to be trusted. We knew the Giants and their history, and all of it pointed to a win for the Angels and that damned monkey.

Last night’s game was nothing like Game 6 in 2002, but at this point I’m bracing for the inevitable. The nation wants the Royals to win. 14% of the Bay Area (or whatever percentage of Bay Area residents who care happen to be A’s fans these days) wants to see the Royals win. Hell, Royals fans deserve this much more than Giants fans for obvious reasons. The Giants had their chance to steal this series away last night, and now they’re going to have to go against an intimidating list of historical trends (the Giants are 0-4 in World Series Game 7s, btw). Envisioning success for the Giants at a time like this is like a curse-ridden Red Sox fan believing they’d win an ALCS against the Yankees after falling behind three games to none. These things simply don’t happen.

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