A week ago, 95.7 FM “The Game” featured a different voice on their Twitter account: Program Director Jason Barrett (otherwise known as “The Pimp,” as you can see on the photo above he posted from his own account). He answered several questions from listeners, too many to post here. But since there are several commenters on this site who ask some of the questions Barrett responded to, I went through the Q&A and selected 10.

1. Why didn’t Rick Tittle get the weekday 7-10 pm slot that was recently filled by Guy Haberman?

2. If Tittle is so popular with fans, why isn’t he in a more permanent role?

3. Will Matt Steinmetz get a co-host?


4. What happened to Mychael Urban and Drew Hoffar?

5. Plans for The Guru?

6. Is there a chance you’ll start taking more calls from listeners?

7. Why so much talk about the San Francisco Giants? Isn’t that just helping KNBR?

8. With so much turnover and guys like Brandon Tierney and Eric Davis leaving, will “The Game” continue as a sports talk station for much longer?

9. “You really need cultural/gender diversity.”

10. Will 95.7 ever hire Ralph Barbieri?

Barrett also said there would be a “Lucky Break 2″ coming at some point in the future, and announced that the name of the drivetime show would change from “The Drive” to “Bucher and Towny.” Maybe that also means they’ll stop calling their 10-to-noon show “The Pulse” once they decide on a permanent co-host for Steinmetz.