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10 reasons why Super Bowl XLVIII wasn’t all that bad


We just finished watching the first Super Bowl blowout since Jon Gruden’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers torched the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII. From the very first snap, the writing was on the wall. The NFC Championship — just like back when the 49ers and Cowboys battled in the early-90s — was the true test. Super Bowl XLVIII showed once and for all just how dominant the NFC was compared to the other conference.

It also proved that the Seahawks were the best team in the NFL this season. They had the best record in the NFC, they held the 49ers to 17 points in their last meeting, and they deserve their first Lombardi Trophy.

But this day wasn’t a TOTAL disaster.

1. Raiders fans should be riding high all offseason after the 49ers and Broncos lost the last two games of the season, and they deserve it. Being a Raiders fan hasn’t been all that fun over the last 11 years (53-123 record, five 4-12 seasons).

2. The 49ers still hold the record for largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl with their 55-10 win against … the Denver Broncos.

3. Richard Sherman didn’t intercept one pass.

4. Richard Sherman didn’t win Super Bowl MVP.

(Not going to mention Richard Sherman’s ankle injury, because this is a classy weblog.)

5. NFC West > AFC West > everything else

6. KNBR listeners won’t have to hear Gary Radnich prattling on about how Peyton Manning is the BEST QUARTERBACK EVER this week (Radnich never misses an opportunity to take a shot at Joe Montana). Remember when Radnich kept saying the same thing about Tom Brady before Super Bowl XLVI? Of course you don’t, because you’re a healthy, balanced human being … unlike the author of this post.

7. Colin Kaepernick didn’t make an appearance before the game, during the game or afterward (as far as I know, since we changed channels after Pete Carroll started telling Michael Strahan about the 12th Man … something that has to be getting old for the Seahawks players, the guys who actually do all the work).

Sorry, I reached Kap-fatigue over the last week. We get it, man. You look good in a turtleneck. Most 49ers fans would rather see you wearing one while sitting in the back of a convertible driving five mph down Market Street.

8. The food I got before the game was delicious, and I’m assuming all of you ate a lot of amazing stuff as well. Seven-layer dip es delicioso, and I tried truffle garlic salami for the first time today. Highly recommended.

9. The drunk Seahawks fans yelling “GO HAHHWWWGHKS” outside my apartment only stuck around for five minutes, so I wasn’t forced to dig around my closet for an anvil.

10. Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke won’t say it publicly, but they’re going to be pissed off all offseason. I’ve heard from multiple sources that Baalke is an emotional football watcher, one of those guys who kicks stuff and pounds the table when bad things occur. I’ve also heard that he HATES Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. This offseason should be entertaining.

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