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49ers keep team physicians busy with seventh round picks, sign UDFA Shayne Skov


The 2014 NFL Draft is over! And, thankfully, Michael Sam didn’t go undrafted. Sam is now a Ram, as St. Louis took him with the 249th overall pick (there were a total of 256 selections).

The 49ers had their chances to land the co-SEC Defensive Player of the Year, but they weren’t interested. It’s probably not because he’s gay, either. Trent Baalke might have gone in another direction because Sam is fully healthy, and where’s the fun in that?

Round 7, Pick 28 (243): Kaleb Ramsey, DE, Boston College, 6’3″ 293

The good: 36 bench reps (225 lbs); big; strong; big and strong; large man with strength.

The Baalke bait (Via

Durability is a red flag — is fragile and has missed a multitude of games the last five seasons because of head, hip, shoulder, foot, knee and calf injuries … A sixth-year senior, Ramsey has the physical tools to serve in a rotational role as an aggressive five-technique or 4-3 left end, though his injury history and long-term durability concerns limit his value and could scare teams off.

Round 7, Pick 30 (245): Trey Millard, FB, Oklahoma, 6’2″ 247

The good: Does all the fullbacky things — runs the ball, catches the ball, blocks people. 13 total touchdowns (six rushing, seven receiving).

The Baalke bait (Via

Has been very reliable and durable throughout his career, but late October ACL injury could still require some rehabilitation as a rookie and could affect his draft standing.


Shayne Skov LaMichael James

Undrafted Free Agents

When I started writing this, Stanford middle linebacker Shayne Skov was going to sign with the Oakland Raiders. Not anymore.

I had a feeling Skov would end up with the 49ers, but that doesn’t count because I thought he’d get drafted. That’s why I don’t even pretend to be a draft expert (not that I’m an expert in anything, really).

Here are the other undrafted free agents:

  • Kory Faulkner, QB, Southern Illinois, 6′ 3″, 229
  • Morgan Breslin, OLB, USC, 6′ 1″, 240
  • L.J. McCray, S, Catawba, 6′ 0″, 215
  • Asante Cleveland, TE, Miami (Fla.), 6′ 5″, 261

The 49ers reportedly only had four spots left on their 90-man roster for undrafted free agents, so if Skov did make the switch we might see one of the UDFAs get some bad news or someone else get cut.


Calm down guys. The last 2 picks will prob not this season. We have a stacked roster so we grabbed for the future. No harm in that. Good thing about the NFL draft is ita a crap shoot. Wait until the season starts before judging what we should have done.


I still can't believe they waited until almost the end of the last round to draft two guys that nobody else wanted to draft, rather than packaging the picks and getting someone like Jeff Janis who nobody really believed would last to the UDFA period. It's pretty much categorical- if a player is going to be available at the end of the last round, nobody else wants to draft him. Baalke doesn't care about excess depth at a position- he says it all the time.Would you rather have a 6'3" wideout who runs a 4.3 40 and absolutely dominated at a lower level, with no injury history...or two injured guys- one of whom is too fragile to make it through a college season and another who might be good, but also is out for the year and is at a position of some depth, with Miller and Tukuafu. I just don't get it. 


The 49ers  have 12 WR's . . . I think they can trim the bottom off by a couple


@Burke  That is because you are an idiot and don't understand the fact that only 53 men make the roster.  Boldin, Crabtree, Johnson, Ellington, Patton...where is there room for Janis?  In the seventh, you draft high ceiling projects whom you can stash on the practice squad.  Janis would have made the PS and then been poached by another team.  Christ, fans like you drive me insane.


@Rowingdave  It was a waste of two draft picks. Ramsey is too delicate to survive a college season- he will never survive the rigors of the NFL. Millard is even more redundant than Janis would have been, since nobody will ever carry three fullbacks, and he had surgery on multiple ligaments last fall- sound familiar? If you read well you would have noticed that I noted that Baalke's mantra is that you can never have enough competition at a position. Maybe someone gets hurt, maybe he even turns out to be good enough at special teams to make Osgood expendable. Quite simply he would have provided better roster competition, which Baalke professes to want,  than the two damaged goods we picked. 

Basically Ramsey and Millard are a waste of time, and would have been available as UDFAs regardless. That was the point I raised earlier about players picked very near the end of the draft. Best case scenario is that Millard becomes our second string FB in a couple of years- Janis will likely be better than both of those two combined, even if he never becomes more than a #3 wideout. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but you should try thinking before you write sometime- you'd be amazed at what comes out. 


@gggiants You're like Elaine Benes, refusing to gently shake a bottle before drinking from it.

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