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49ers and Raiders mid-season report cards

The midway point of the 2012 NFL season for the Bay Area football teams is upon us.

Both teams have completed eight games but that is about where the similarities between the two end. The 49ers are currently in first place and are looking at working towards a first round bye for the second straight season. The Raiders are 3-5 and have the slimmest of chances to make the playoffs (Football Outsiders puts them at 6.1%).

So how do each team’s stats measure up? To answer that I present the mid-season report card.

First Let’s take a look at the traditional stats and the rankings for each team.

Next, the efficiency stats from Football Outsiders:

Last but not least, the special team stats which are also from Football Outsiders.

To determine the grades for each category each grade level was grouped into 6 team rankings. For example, an A is given if you are ranked 1-6 in a category and a B is given if you are ranked 7-12 and so on .

Here is the full report card for both teams:

The grades are no surprise if you have watched either of these teams this season. The 49ers defense has been among the best in the league while the offense has been much better than last year. The one spot that hurts them is their passing yards total, which isn’t gaudy but sure is efficient. The special teams struggles are a bit of a surprise, as this was one of the team’s strengths last season. That being said, the special teams unit has seemed to play a bit better the last few weeks.

For the Raiders, well … at least Sebastian Janikowski has been good enough at kicking field goals to get them at least one A in this exercise. Everything else has been at best mediocre and at worst downright ugly.

Looking forward we’ll see if the 49ers can lock up their second consecutive NFC West Title and contend for a first round bye. For the Raiders it will be interesting to see if they can right the ship and get back into the playoff hunt.

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Fitz's Future Unemployment Check
Fitz's Future Unemployment Check

I agree that redzone will be key for the Niners, they can't squander chances in the playoffs. They had five turnovers against the Saints and still barely survived that game. When a team gives you chances, you gotta step on their throat because you won't always get the go ahead TD with 9 seconds to go.

Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue

Is there any stat for red zone efficiency? That's gonna make or break the 49ers when the make a deep playoff run. Everyone knows the 49ers aren't "built to come from behind" which basically means they don't have a Rodgers/Brees who can go 60 yards in 3 plays and :55 seconds. Scoring Tds is gonna be huge down the stretch.


I'm surprised the 49ers are such a bad passing team, yardage wise. You'd think a strong defensive team would be inclined to occasionally go for a big strike to put them up, then start the running attack. As for the Raiders, man, when this ship is righted it will feel so good. You'd think the players would try to play up to and match their fans' intensity. Someday.