Last night Anthony Dixon tweeted this:

Anthony Dixon she-hawks tweet

He has since removed the bulletin board material from his feed, a tweet-deletion Pro Football Talk felt it necessary to write an entire post about. Then K.J. Wright, a former teammate of Dixon’s at Mississippi State, responded with a corny unpleasantry of his own:

KJ Wright Anthony Dixon

Since Twitter thrives off conflict and professional athletes are expected to refrain from talking trash everywhere except the playing field, this became a national story of sorts. PFT even went into soapbox mode, chastising Dixon for using “insults based on gender.”

However, this is a pretty standard tweet coming from Dixon, especially in reference to NFC West rivals with bird mascots.

Boobie Dixon 49ers skin Cards

That was after the 49ers won 24-3 in Arizona. If you don’t remember, that was the game when Randy Moss had a 47-yard touchdown catch and Dashon Goldson leveled poor Early Doucet. In that game Dixon had no touches, made no special teams tackles and was penalized for an illegal block (the Cardinals declined). Expect more of the same from Dixon on Sunday night (give or take a tackle and/or penalty).

Add it all up and it’s nothing more than another frivolous footnote (along with the fake Kaepernick vs. Wilson eyebrow bet) before a game that will tell the true story of where these two teams stand. The hype for this game can’t possibly increase from where it was before Dixon made the “She-hawks” crack, and Dixon’s insult won’t cause Seattle to play any harder. Besides, there are worse names for the “Seahawks” that Dixon could’ve used.