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49ers are a team in denial


We all knew this was coming, right? The Seahawks bludgeoned the 49ers on Thursday night. The score was 20-3, but the 49ers wouldn’t have scored a touchdown if they played 12 quarters. The Seahawks had 21 first downs. The 49ers had eight. The 49ers brought Marshawn Lynch back to life. The Seahawks are back in the NFC mix, and the 49ers’ season is O-V-E-R.

Colin Kaepernick couldn’t even drop back without Michael Bennett ending up in his lap after 1.2 seconds, thanks to the horrendous right side of their offensive line that Trent Baalke left for this overmatched coaching staff. One could complain about Alex Boone getting stuck on the left side of that line, but Boone was a holding machine tonight.

With just over three minutes left, down by 17, Jim Tomsula PUNTED ON 4TH-AND-3. Why would anyone do this? Is losing by 17 better than losing by 24? When you’re playing to avoid the blowout (like they did against Green Bay too, remember), you’re admitting you’re awful.

The 49ers are bad, but that’s not all. When they play decent/good teams, they look increasingly comfortable settling into a loss — really quickly — like it’s what they expected all along. So why should we expect anything different? A poor football team is one thing. The players know what’s going on, but the organization is in denial.

— Where was the Jed York tweet apologizing for today’s effort against Seattle? The fans who drove to Levi’s had to battle rush hour traffic, which is much worse than Thanksgiving traffic. At least most of them got home relatively early, since the stadium was about 35% full at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

— They should be focused on making this terrible football team decent, but they’re worried about the media.

How dare anyone question the mighty 49ers?

49ers play-by-play announcer Ted Robinson does a “49ers Vignette” each week on KNBR, and the one today was absurd. He brought up the turf at Levi’s Stadium … but did he admit that Justin Tucker falling into a ridiculous grass-hole was something that shouldn’t happen on an NFL field?


Robinson chastised local TV news stations for putting on their “tabloid hats” and having the gall to investigate what’s going on with the grass at Levi’s.

Ted’s take: the whole scene showed how Tucker is like a grip-it-and-rip-it golfer who puts no thought into his craft, while Phil Dawson combs through every inch of the playing surface before each game and brings five different shoes for his plant foot. As if there’s a shoe in existence that can keep one’s foot from sliding underneath a square of repaired grass that’s barely hanging onto the earth below.

As Robinson noted, Dawson kicked four field goals without sinking into the earth. It’s not the field’s fault, it’s Tucker’s fault because he didn’t account for a cheap ownership group and/or inept groundskeepers! Stupid Tucker, hope you learned your lesson.

This is all so ridiculous, but it shows what motivates these 49ers. Instead of putting every ounce of energy into improving their trashtastic on-field product, they want to mock some guy from ABC 7 asking questions about the grass. That’s what this organization has become. And we all saw it coming.

Niners Notes

— If there was a bright side to this game, it reminded us that Vernon Davis is still technically alive.

— Quinton Patton is on a mission to show us how many stupid things a player can do in one season. I’ve never seen a football official look as annoyed as Joe West or Angel Hernandez, but that’s what happened tonight when Patton berated one while grabbing at the collar of his jersey.

— Admit it, midway through the first half you were wondering if the 49ers would break the Bears’ punt record (set earlier this year against the Seahawks).

— Once they realized they could run on the 49ers (Michael Wilhoite … yeah, he isn’t good), the Seahawks realized they didn’t need to delve deeply into the Jimmy Graham portion of their playbook.

— Bennett had 3.5 sacks. That’s a lot.

— The 49ers sacked Russell Wilson five times, because Wilson plays like he has 10 seconds to throw on every play. Kaepernick was sacked six times, and almost all of them looked unavoidable on his part.

— The 49ers were 1-for-11 on third down.

— The 49ers had 142 yards of total offense.

— Going into this game, it was obvious that the only way the 49ers could win was if they picked on Cary Williams. The only problem was that Anquan Boldin had a sore/injured hamstring, so Richard Sherman spent the entire game on Torrey Smith (who made no catches). So the 49ers had nothing going besides Davis (who no one respects anymore), because an injured Carlos Hyde and a borderline useless Reggie Bush weren’t difficult for the Seahawks to contain.

— Bruce Miller had three receptions for 89 yards in the first half against Baltimore, and no targets since. Coaching!

— “We’re not in a rebuild. This isn’t a rebuild situation. This is a reload situation.” OK, Trent. That must be why they’ve lost their first two divisional games by a combined score of 67-10.

— The Seahawks ran it 41 times. The 49ers had 15 rushing plays.

“I think somewhere in there, he said were going to run the football.”

Trent, maybe you should stop talking.

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