Thus far in the offseason, no team in the NFC West has separated itself from their rivals — in players arrested, anyways. Of the 28[1] NFL players arrested since the Super Bowl, the 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, and Cardinals each own an equal share.

Al Netter of San Francisco ignited the competition after his arrest in February for driving under the influence. After being stopped by the San Jose CHP, Netter’s blood alcohol level tested above the .08 legal limit. Further details have yet to be released.

Not to be out done, St. Louis’s Trumaine Johnson was too arrested for a DUI the following month. In addition to the drunk driving charges, however, Johnson was also cited for refusal of a breath test and a traffic violation.

DWASHAfter a quiet April, Daryl Washington, Arizona’s star middle linebacker, burst on to the scene on May 3rd. Washington was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, stemming from an incident in which Washington assaulted an ex-girlfriend.

According to Phoenix police, Washington was accused of grabbing his ex-girlfriend by the throat and shoving her to the ground, the force of which caused her to break her right collarbone. Police observed the collarbone injury, as well as heavy scrapes, bruising and cuts to her right arm, right hip and right leg.

Two days later, Seattle’s Josh Portis was stopped for driving 80 mph in a 60-mph zone. Upon being stopped, the arresting officer observed that Portis had “a strong odor of intoxicants” and “watery bloodshot eyes.” Portis would later admit to having been drinking tequila that night in celebration of Cinco De Mayo, but before that admission, Portis and his passenger plead their case to the officer:

“Portis asked me if I knew who he was and I stated yes,” the trooper wrote, according to Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “(The passenger) exited the vehicle and began to cry. (The passenger) stated I was arresting a Seahawk, and I was going to ruin him. … (The passenger) shouted at me and stated she couldn’t believe that I was from Seattle, and was arresting a Seahawk.”

The offseason is still young, and given the quality of individuals they employ, I would not at all be shocked if the Seahawks ended up taking the offseason trophy for the most arrests. A title in 2013 would mark Seattle’s second in as many. Last offseason, three Seahawks were arrested, including running back Marshawn Lynch, who was arrested for a DUI in July of 2012. Were this to happen, we could certainly see how Vernon Davis was justified in calling them a “dynasty.”


[1] Most publications have reported this number as 27, but here is my count (H/T: Business Insider)

  1. Michael Boley, New York Giants (Feb. 8)
  2. Da’Quan Bowers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Feb. 18)
  3. Al Netter, San Francisco 49ers (Feb. 22)
  4. Desmond Bryant, Cleveland Browns (Feb. 24)
  5. J’Marcus Webb, Chicago Bears (Feb. 24)
  6. Javarris Lee, Free Agent (March 7)
  7. Quinton Carter, Denver Broncos (March 9)
  8. Cody Grimm, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (March 10 and May 28)
  9. Evan Rodriguez, Chicago Bears (March 21 and May 31)
  10. Trumaine Johnson, St. Louis Rams (March 22)
  11. Brandon Barden, Tennessee Titans (March 23)
  12. Amari Spivey, Detroit Lions (March 27)
  13. William Moore, Atlanta Falcons (April 18)
  14. Rolando McClain, Baltimore Ravens (April 22)
  15. Ronnell Lewis, Detroit Lions (April 23)
  16. Quentin Groves, Cleveland Browns (April 24)
  17. Cliff Harris, New York Jets (May 2)
  18. Claude Davis, New York Jets (May 2)
  19. Daryl Washington, Arizona Cardinals (May 3)
  20. Josh Portis, Seattle Seahawks (May 5)
  21. Armonty Bryant, Cleveland Browns (May 6)
  22. Titus Young, free agent (May 5, twice, and May 10)
  23. Mike Goodson, New York Jets (May 17)
  24. Joe Morgan, New Orleans Saints (May 29)
  25. Pacman Jones, Cincinnati Bengals (June 11)
  26. Jason Peters, Philadelphia Eagles (June 12)
  27. Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots (June 26)
  28. Ausar Walcott, Cleveland Browns (June 26)