Hawkins catchFinally, the preseason has come to a merciful end. The 49ers went 3-1 in meaningless exhibition games this year, and if you put a lot of weight into things like that, you’ll probably end up sorely disappointed. Not to say the 49ers won’t do well this year, but Mike Singletary led the 49ers to an undefeated preseason in 2010, only to fall 0-5 in the first five games of the season.

That doesn’t mean I can’t put some plays under the microscope and turn them into soundless video loops for all to enjoy. Here are the top 5 GIFs from the final August scrimmage for the 49ers.

5. They’ve got chemistry

The 49ers might have their practice squad version of Russell Wilson and Golden Tate in B.J. Daniels and Chuck Jacobs. This is the second time they’ve connected for a late touchdown, and they’re both showing some intriguing talent.

I like Jacobs’s moves, but another 49er has some better ones (/foreshadowing).

4. Cam Johnson can do whatever he wants — he’s a San Francisco 49er

The preseason is for evaluation — forget the score, we want to see who’s winning head-to-head match ups. We’ll find out who the 49ers felt were the best bubble players by late Saturday, but at least Cam Johnson can feel pretty confident in his spot on the roster:

After the game, Jim Harbaugh was asked if he can keep five outside linebackers on the 53-man roster. The question was brought on by Johnson’s spectacular play, which included two sacks, a few pressures and the blocked punt you see above. His answer?

“Heck yeah we can. We’re the San Francisco 49ers, we can do whatever we want!”

3. There’s a new Hawk in town

… and I say that will all due respect to the original Hawk, Dashon Goldson, a man I’ve paid respect to in the form of several GIFs. The Hawk I’m talking about is Lavelle Hawkins, and he’s given plenty to be excited about in his last two preseason games. Against the Vikings, he tore off a 105-yard kick return before high-stepping and taking off his helmet. Against the Chargers though, he had an equally spectacular play, sans the buffoonery:

There’s officially a logjam at wide receiver, with several players making contributions (/foreshadowing). Still, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see Hawkins have a spot come September 8th.

2 & 1. It’s Patton

49ers fans are ridiculously excited about Quinton Patton. He’s the anti-A.J. Jenkins. He looks comfortable on an NFL field and he’s making plays for the 49ers against first-team defenses. Remember when everybody said “there’s a chance for Jenkins to be the starting wide receiver — all he has to do is catch the ball and run with it”? *Sad trombone*

He never did, but Patton is.

This was a bubble screen, and Patton was supposed to take it inside. The blocking wasn’t there, so he showed how shifty he can be in space (Crabtree-esque, I must say). He cut it around the outside and he had nothing but daylight. He also had another opportunity to show off his amazing touchdown dance.

I’ll spare you a “rolling the dice” pun (lord knows there are enough of those on here already), but the 49ers could do well for themselves by getting this kid a lot of playing time on Sundays.