While a couple columnists have exhausted their supply of thoughts about what happened during Sunday’s game between the 49ers and Seahawks and have turned their attentions to their favorite subject — Colin Kaepernick’s unsatisfying press conferences — we’re going to spend the day reliving the action through the power of perpetual GIFography.

Thanks to my wife, I have something like 15 GIFs at my disposal from the 49ers’ most recent win. If I include all of them in one post, the page will take a day and a half to load and/or the site will crash. So we’ll break it up into (at least) a couple posts. Before we get into the grabbing and holding and flopping we saw from Seattle, here’s a compilation of some the game’s best plays … if you’re a member of the 49ers or happen to root for that team.

And no, she didn’t GIF any of the field goals.

Kassim Osgood blocks Jon Ryan’s punt in the first quarter

This is in slow motion, but Ryan seemed to take forever on this punt — almost like he hoped to draw a roughing the kicker flag. But as long as you block the kick you can pretty much smash a punter without consequences. Football is a funny game.

The lone 49ers TD

The ball was placed perfectly, but catching this Kaepernick bullet from 35 feet away couldn’t have been easy. Vernon Davis spends more time with the Jugs gun at close range than anyone on the team, and it paid off here.

Frank Gore’s 51-yard run

We were sitting behind the south end zone, and when Gore broke free from everyone and started sprinting in our direction I was flabbergasted. No one was expecting anything like this to occur. It was also pretty amazing to see Earl Thomas — who people have been talking about lately like he’s Ronnie Lott and Rod Woodson combined — take the wrong angle.

Eric Wright’s interception

Russell Wilson targeted the receiver Eric Wright was covering twice, and Wright ended up with an interception and a pass deflection. The game-sealing INT led to this reaction from Kaepernick:

If Kaepernick smiled like that a little more often during his press conferences, some local columnists would have nothing to write about (besides Pablo Sandoval’s weight and PEDs in baseball).