wThe San Francisco 49ers have lost two games in a row. Their quarterback, once heralded as the game’s next superstar, has passed for 200 yards only once in the last nine games. They’ve lost two games in a row for the second time this season. They’ll probably be without Tarell Brown, Ray McDonald and Mike Iupati for the next game at the very least.

The 49ers are coming off a Super Bowl appearance, so their 6-4 record and no passing game to speak are certainly causes for concern. However, Washington will look across the field on Monday night and say, “Problems? That’s nothing. Try this.”

— For starters, Washington has no playoff hopes. Their record is 3-7.

— The debate over the “Redskins” name has gotten much louder this year than ever before. Forget “Redtails,” with the national outcry they should be renamed the Washington Albatrosses.

— Their stadium is known as a cheaply-built disaster that’s extremely difficult to get to. As a result, Dan Snyder is already looking into finding a new home. FedEx Field opened in 1997.

— Robert Griffin III was able to throw for 300+ yards in each of his first three games, but he didn’t look nearly as mobile as he was before tearing up his knee against Seattle in the playoffs. The Redskins started 0-3.

— Actually, their offense (especially on the ground) isn’t bad at all. Everything else is, though.

— Their pass defense ranks last in yards allowed per attempt.

— They’re tied with Tennessee and Jacksonville for most rushing touchdowns allowed.

— According to PFF, Washington has the worst overall defense in the league — last in pass coverage and second-to-last in run defense.

— PFF also ranks them last in special teams play.

— They haven’t won a divisional game yet … and the NFC East is putrid.

— After a loss against Denver, Pierre Garçon said, “If we suck at passing, we suck at passing.”

— Former 49ers receiver Josh Morgan was recently deactivated. When asked to comment on the matter, his response was, “Coach said I can’t play football and I can’t talk.”

— After the team’s most recent loss, Griffin called out the guys calling the plays, saying the Eagles “knew what was coming.”

— Griffin gave the “no one was open” excuse for his pathetic and unnecessary interception on 3rd-and-1 from Philly’s 18-yard line that sealed the game for the Eagles.

— Santana Moss responded with this during a radio interview: “Whether you’re the receiver, the quarterback, the guys making the tackle, whoever, regardless of the outcome, good or bad, you have to at some point, stand up and say ‘me’ or ‘I.'”

— On that note:

See, 49ers fans? It could always be worse. And if the 49ers somehow lose on national television against a fractured, no-defense team like Washington, they will be.