Wednesday is probably the day when everyone turns the page and start focusing on the Week 2 opponent, which just so happens to be the Seattle Seahawks. But the San Francisco 49ers’ 34-28 win over the Green Bay Packers was too action-packed to toss aside just yet.

Plus, I took a bunch of photos on the field before the game and held a camera after the game while dodging a bunch of 300-lb men trying to run past me to get to the locker room after Aldon Smith dragged Aaron Rodgers down on the final play. And since people don’t seem to mind photo-related posts as long as they aren’t in slideshow form, here are some of the things I caught that you won’t see on TV.

NBA stars on the 49ers’ sideline

Golden State Warriors small forward Harrison Barnes was there, as was James Harden. Harden is reportedly a 49ers fan, which I guess is why he wore a Niners t-shirt and hat instead of a shirt with a picture of a school bus.

Harrison Barnes 49ers game

James Harden 49ers game

That’s a lotta guard right there …

Mike Iupati Alex Boone 49ers Week 1 pregame

Your mandatory Lawrence Okoye update:

Lawrence Okoye Anthony Davis Adam Snyder

Still very tall and British.

Meet my new stock photo of Trent Baalke (whenever he makes a trade, you’ll probably see this):

Trent Baalke 49ers General Manager

Aaron Rodgers nightmare fuel:

Aldon Smith 49ers Week 1 warmups

The Lone Wolf

Vernon Davis 49ers Week 1 2013

Before games Vernon Davis doesn’t often wait in line with the other tight ends, receivers and defensive backs to catch one pass every couple minutes. Davis craves reps, the more the better. So he always spends a good portion of pregame warmups on either sideline with his own personal thrower, catching pass after pass over his shoulder.

Jim Harbaugh: always a quarterback

Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick didn’t exactly appear worried before the game.

Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick pregame

Colin Kaepernick Jim Harbaugh pregame

You know what that looks like? A couple of guys conspiring to throw for 400+ yards in Week 1. Then it was time to do quarterback things, and Harbaugh stood a few feet away from Kaepernick as the two performed the same drills simultaneously. Harbaugh passed …

Jim Harbaugh throwing pass pregame

He handed the ball off to the running backs …

Jim Harbaugh handoff Kendall Hunter

Why hasn’t a pants company signed Harbaugh up to endorse a new line of “active khakis”? Could it be less believable than Brett Favre playing in the mud in his Wranglers?

“Let me see you show your grill”

Quinton Patton 49ers grill

Quinton Patton (who wore gold on both his top and bottom teeth) only played four snaps against Green Bay, but he came up with this the next day:

On-field video

A few things to pay attention to in this 64-second video from clips I spliced together from the end of Sunday’s game.

  • At almost the exact point Rodgers’ final pass hits the ground (12 seconds in), Anquan Boldin sprints to the locker room (h/t @warriorsworld for noticing that)
  • A few seconds after the play, Kaepernick was the first 49er to grab Aldon and congratulate him.
  • I got really close to Clay Matthews in his hair (34 seconds in).
  • At the 45-second mark, Kaepernick beckons a kid wearing a white Vernon Davis jersey over so he can give the youngster his cap.
  • For some reason a guy in the front row wearing a Jordy Nelson jersey really wanted a cap worn by a 49ers player. A traitor to the tundra.