Patience is wearing thinner than ever with NFL officiating, but I don’t know how one could preside over a game between the 49ers and Seahawks and keep things under control. Here’s a rundown of some of the clutching, grabbing, holding and flopping tactics the Seahawks used. This isn’t to say the 49ers were innocent on Sunday, but my wife is the boss when it comes to which plays get GIFfed … here are six she chose.

Michael Crabtree had an especially difficult day

Crabtree was targeted eight times and caught four passes for 40 yards. He dropped one and Colin Kaepernick was picked off on another.

Richard Sherman and Crabtree showed they both know how to use their hands on this play:

If you thought Sherman grabbed Crabtree there, that was nothing. Sometimes the officials threw a flag, like this holding call on Byron Maxwell:

And some contact went uncalled, like this play where Maxwell hit Crabtree in the chin, the facemask, and on the top of his helmet for good measure:

Nothing to see here!

One face mask was called in the game — on Seahawks running back Michael Robinson —  but it could easily have been called here on Zach Miller. Russell Okung pitched in with a block in the back, and Aldon Smith thought he was held. No flag on the play.

The NBA fines guys for doing this

Yet, NaVorro Bowman was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness. My favorite part of this GIF: Heath Farwell’s reaction to Michael Wilhoite’s offer to help him up.

Jim Harbaugh’s reaction was about what you’re expect.

The Anquan Boldin trade still looks pretty good

To show that sometimes flags were thrown, here’s a play we referenced in the “Richard Sherman is one mad bro” post. Since Boldin made the 27-yard grab, Sherman’s holding penalty was declined. I’ll give Sherman this: at least he was able to stay away from Boldin’s “Vernon area” on this play, although it seems like he was trying to tickle his hip a little at the end.