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49ers’ Super Bowl legacy in Kurt Warner’s hands

During the evening after the AFC and NFC Championship Games had just concluded I got a text message from my buddy Mac which read, “What is worse? Cards win or Steelers sixth Super Bowl?”

The answer is easy for 49ers fans: you have to go with the Cardinals. Unless you absolutely can’t stand Kurt Warner — and now that his wife is generally silent on all matters it’s tough to hold much disdain for the formerly bearded one anymore – the 49ers’ standing as the Super Bowl’s marquee franchise rests in Arizona’s hands.

Boy, what a frightening thought.

If Arizona wins the Super Bowl it won’t have any effect on San Francisco in 2009; it’s not like Mike Singletary and the boys will try harder to win just because the defending champion sits in the NFC West (and raise your hand if you saw that one coming). This is about history. The 49ers aren’t the only franchise with Super Bowl rings for every finger and the thumb, as the Steelers and Cowboys both match them with five titles apiece since the game went from an ordinary league championship to the greatest statement of American excess in inexistence (besides the Barry Zito contract of course…zing!).

The Niners are the top franchise in Super Bowl history because while the Steelers are 5-1 and the Cowboys 5-3, San Francisco is a perfect 5-0. San Francisco fans may be left to yell SEVEN-and-NINE when “bragging” about the 49ers these days, but only because the pain of an inept franchise is softened by the fact that the Niners lead the world in Super Bowl wins and winning percentage. Hey, it might sound silly since the 49ers haven’t reached the big game since the 1994 season, but it’s all we got.

Plus, the Seahawks (another NFC West team never to have won a Super Bowl) got screwed against the Steelers a few years ago in Super Bowl XL, and I’d like to see Jerome Bettis (and his painted-on beard, which looks about as real as Steve Harvey’s hair) eat a little humble pie next to the other 24 NBC studio hosts. Go Cards!!!

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