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49ers vs. Saints aftermath, part 1: the final 3 TDs (en Español)

I can’t wait for the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. The time between now and 3 pm on January 22 seems like an eternity, and on Sunday morning it’ll seem like this week zoomed by. It’s probably good that we all have a week to get our hearts beating under 200 times per minute and try to make some sense of the 49ers vs. Giants rematch that everyone’s looking forward to (except Bomani Jones).

Before we look ahead, I have some audio and video clips from Saturday’s win over the Saints to share, starting with the audio stuff first.

Thanks to Matias Godinez, Executive Producer & Analyst for the 49ers’ Spanish broadcasts, for sending me radio clips of the game’s final three touchdowns … en Español. I’m embarrassed to admit that after three years of high school Spanish and a quarter or two of college Spanish, I’m nowhere near a fluent speaker. But even if you know absolutely no Spanish at all, it’s still pretty easy to tell what’s going on. After all, these are unforgettable moments that took place during the wildest last four minutes of any NFL Playoff game in recent memory — perhaps ever.

First clip: Alex Smith’s bootleg

[audio:|titles=49ers Spanish The Bootleg Clip]

Second clip: Jimmy Graham’s TD catch (booooooo….)

[audio:|titles=49ers Spanish Graham TD]

Third clip: Alex Smith to Vernon Davis (The Catch 3, The Post, The Grab … whatever you want to call it)

[audio:|titles=49ers Spanish Radio The Grab]

If you only have time to listen to one of the three, make sure and check out the last one. Awesome.


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