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49ers vs. Seahawks hype: the good, the bad and the totally fake

Not only could most of us have predicted that the 49ers and Seahawks would face at some point in the playoffs, but we all braced for a barrage of memes, parody songs and overused, unfunny jokes. After a season full of trash talk, Instagram comparisons, airplane banners and billboards, the only question was how low people would stoop.

Fans and broadcasters who support both teams haven’t disappointed us. Nope, not one bit. Let’s do the limbo!

Jumping the tattoo gun

To set the bar near ground level from the start, here’s a tattoo that celebrates the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl win … next month.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champs tattoo


A lot of Seahawks fans are showing their appreciation for the team this championship week. But, perhaps, none more than Tim Connors.

At the beginning of the season, Connors felt so confident the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl this year he got a tattoo on his right forearm that already declared the Seahawks as champs.

“I’m not crazy.  I’m not crazy at all,” Connors said.

Imagine if Colin Kaepernick got a tattoo like this. 49ers fans would be livid, even if Kaepernick truly believed the Seahawks were going to win Super Bowl 58.

The most unique video ever created

Did you know that you could take this scene from “Downfall” and make it into a hilarious meme? Man, the things you’ll see on the internet. Next they’ll tell us they have entire sites devoted to the hijinks of ordinary house cats.

The “What’s our biggest claim to fame? Skittles candy and Steve Largent” line was pretty good, though.

Seattle radio show hosts do the darndest things

If you’re a fan of War’s “Cisco Kid,” nearly indiscernible lyrics and mediocre singing, this Jim Harbaugh parody is right in your wheelhouse.

And there was a prank call to an “unsuspecting” 49ers fan, by a Seattle host pretending to be a Seahawks employee who says he needs to refund her NFC Championship Game tickets because of the team she roots for. If you think this is remotely real, you’re probably 12 years old. (See what I did there?)

I first heard this on THE GARY RADNICH SHOW (with Larry Krueger), and Radnich knew instantly that this was a set-up. The woman, who’s supposed to be a fan, responds quicker and with more impact than the guy making the call. Krueger thought it was real, but was soon convinced after Radnich, Kate Scott and every other human being within earshot came to the same conclusion: fake fake fake.

Paulie Mac strikes back

It’s more of a Christmas-themed kind of thing, but KNBR 680’s morning show created four 15-second (give or take) snippets of insults to the Seattle Seahawks mixed in with an awful lot of compliments to the city of Seattle.

(That’s a hidden subplot here that makes this whole “war” so funny — San Francisco residents love visiting Seattle and vice versa. I know I love hanging out in Seattle — both spots have great seafood, restaurants, craft beer and coffee. San Francisco is usually a little drier, and Seattle is definitely a lot cleaner. And you can fly back and forth on Virgin, which unlike Alaska Airlines has no Russell Wilson-related promotions.)

When rivalries get mature

(via Deadspin, the leading source for positive stories like this)

Seahawks fans! 49ers fans! Here is a way for you to one-up and trash-talk each other, without annoying the crap out of the rest of us: See which fan base can donate more money to a worthy cause in each other’s city.

In Seattle’s case, donations go to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. San Franciscans are sending their money to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

This actually started as a prank back in December, when 49ers fans raised money to purchase a billboard in Seattle, with any additional funds going to a local charity. They easily hit their mark, and things took off from there. An anonymous 49ers fan has promised to match donations in each city up to $100,000 each, for a total of $200,000. Earlier this week, the 49ers and Seahawks each announced they will do the same—so every dollar donated is actually four.

As of press time, it’s a close race. San Franciscans have pledged $13,419, while Seattleites have raised $20,933.

Track fundraising, and maybe make a donation, here and here.

Since Deadspin posted this, Seattle donors have widened the gap to more than $9,000. Those 12s, I’ll tell ya. Total showoffs.

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