Happy (almost) ThanksGIFng BASG readers (h/t to Bryan Srabian on that one) ! November marks my one year anniversary writing for the site and I’m thankful to be with you guys (virtually) week-after-week for the last 52-weeks.

On that note, I feel incredibly thankful, lucky, blessed – you name it – to be a San Francisco Giants fan. We may be lacking a power bat in left field (sorry guys) and will probably have to turn off our feelings and welcome Bronson Arroyo into our baseball family for the next 4 years, but hot damn, I am proud and grateful to be a tiny nugget in a sea of awesome fans, players, coaches, staff, and front office.

To help kick-off the positive Thanksgiving juju, here are 5 GIFs from 2013 that make me ridiculously happy I’m rooting for the guys in orange and black.

Yusmeiro Petit shows guts, grit, and heart 

What a heartbreaker. Petit gets one out away from a perfecto but instead of hanging his head at what could have been, he basks in the moment and his incredible accomplishment. One of my favorite moments in 2013.

Angel Pagan’s Inside the Park Home Run

What a fun moment for both the players and the fans. And the coaches too, apparently. Anything that makes Tim Flannery do this is reason enough to be thankful this year:

Tim Lincecum’s No Hitter

This moment. This moment forever. I mean, Buster literally carried him 3 feet only to be pummeled by joy from his teammates. This GIF may be the love of my life.

Giants fans bid farewell to Barry Zito

I’ve always thought Giants fans are great fans. They really understand baseball. And I’m not talking about advanced stats or rule books. I’m talking about the standing ovation they gave Barry Zito in his last appearance as a Giant. I was behind the dugout for this moment and it brought a tear (okay, many tears) to my eyes.

The San Francisco Giants love Bat Kid

If this doesn’t warm you heart on the coldest of winter days, I don’t know what will. The San Francisco Giants showed incredible class and exemplified their community spirit by welcoming little Miles aka Bat Kid into the park and creating an experience he would never forget. So thankful to cheer on a team that embodies this GIF:

Happy Turkey Day guys. Thanks for reading and wishing you all a great and happy holiday!