95.7 “The Game” is bringing back a host they let go two Novembers ago.

I’m guessing “weekly call-ins on The Wheelhouse” means Urban will be a regular guest with John Lund and Greg Papa once per week or so. Also, the new show’s time means he will presumably be going against his old “teammate” at KNBR, Marty Lurie, except Lurie will not just work Saturday mornings, he’ll also take calls on Saturday afternoons, Saturday evenings, as well as before and after every Giants game on Sunday as well.

Urban has a full-time job away from the world of sports radio, so the new timeslot makes sense. It also shows that Urban isn’t much of a bridge-burner. After getting let go from CSN Bay Area, he was later seen as a studio analyst on a part-time/contract basis (something he may do again this year). He also went back to KNBR after parting ways with that station, but soon after his second stint as a weekend host on 680, he left for KGMZ.

Will this mean 95.7 will get to announce the return of the “Unicorn Hour,” featuring Barry Zito? Zeets did pitch for the A’s after all, and 95.7 is still Oakland’s flagship station … as far as I know, anyway. Does anyone even know where Zito is, by the way? My best guesses have him probably either paddling out somewhere in Maui or practicing Jack Johnson songs on his guitar under a palm tree, but I have no idea. For what it’s worth, Jon Heyman says Zito hasn’t retired yet. He’s “taking a break.” Uh huh.