While they haven’t added anybody new, 95.7 FM “The Game” announced several changes to their daily lineup today. Here was the old schedule:

  • Rise Guys: 6-10 am
  • The Wheelhouse with John Lund: 10 am – 2 pm
  • The Drive with Brandon Tierney: 2-6 pm
  • The Chris Townsend Show: 6-10 pm

At 1 pm on Tuesday, John Lund and Greg Papa let everyone know the new schedule:

  • Rise Guys: 6-10 am
  • Chris Townsend and Matt Steinmetz: 10-noon
  • The Wheelhouse with John Lund and Greg Papa: noon-3 pm
  • The Drive with Brandon Tierney: 3-7 pm

The changes will take effect after Labor Day. Lund also said that Tierney will get a permanent co-host to replace Eric Davis, a move that will be announced in the coming weeks.

What about Urbs?

Steinmetz and Papa were among the rotating co-hosts who worked with Lund over the past several months. Others included Mychael Urban, Roxy Bernstein and Brodie Brazil. Out of that group, Papa and Urban seemed to spend the most time in studio with Lund. In making the announcement, Lund said, “Everyone who has come in here has been great, but the people have spoken.” I took that to mean “the people” (whoever they are) wanted more Papa and Steinmetz, considering today’s announcement.

From what I’m hearing, Urban will serve as a regular backup and continue hosting “Inside The Bigs” from 9-to-noon on Saturdays.

Head-to-head vs. KNBR

Besides their morning show starting and ending an hour later than KNBR’s “Murph and Mac,” 95.7 has set up some areas of direct competition between the Bay Area’s sports talk stations. Lund and Papa are going directly against KNBR’s “Fitz and Brooks” + Damon Bruce combination, and the afternoon commute is now a 4-hour battle between Mr. T and BT.

A subtle move toward the Warriors?

Steinmetz is an NBA guy, someone who’s been covering the Golden State Warriors for quite some time. KNBR — the Warriors’ flagship station — may have the team’s TV play-by-play guy on most days from noon-to-three, but Steinmetz speaks much more provocatively and realistically about the Warriors than Bob Fitzgerald. With the Warriors’ radio situation in flux, the ability to promise close to two hours of programming each weekday with the Warriors as a high priority topic could be a nice negotiating point for The Game.

Early (local) sports talk curfew

While writing this, I received a release from 95.7 via email which announces in bold type, “95.7 The GAME Expands Its Weekday Lineup.” However, they’re still talking about the same number of shows and these moves create a local programming gap from 7-10 pm … which goes unmentioned in the email. Maybe they’ll try out some other options with hosts like Urban, Bernstein and John Dickinson, but The Game could also go with a syndicated show at this spot from Yahoo Sports Radio.

The Game will carry Monday Night Football this year, so that could also have something to do with these changes.

For what it’s worth, 95.7’s website has a page that shows the entire lineup. However, it doesn’t appear to have been updated recently (It’s still listing “The Drive” with a picture of Tierney and Davis together).