9th Annual BASG March Madness Contest

Hey, it’s that time! One of the best times of the year, in fact. The rainstorms have ceased for a bit, baseball’s on the horizon, and we get to embark on the three-week national gambling adventure known as the NCAA Tournament.

This is where we separate people into two categories. Those who pick Duke to win it all, and people with actual human feelings who root against Duke with every gram of their soul.

You know you’ve barely watched college hoops all year. I know I’ve barely watched college hoops all year (I do remember that Cal supposedly had a great recruiting class and multiple NBA-caliber prospects, and now they’re in the NIT). But we can’t let that stop us from picking No. 12 seeds to upset No. 5 seeds and feel incredibly smart for doing so.

Everyone knows the deal, so here are the relevant details for our ninth(!) annual tourney pool.

Where to sign up

If you played last year, you should’ve already gotten an invite when I renewed the pool this morning. If you didn’t get that email, or you’re new to our group (welcome!), just click this link:

Yeah, I hyperlinked the link. That’s how you gotta roll sometimes.

What you can win

If you’re one of the lucky ones who filled out your entire bracket before 9 am Thursday (there are always a half dozen people who sign up, but don’t fill out their brackets), AND you end up in the top-two of our pool, here’s what you can win.

SECOND PLACE: One (1) item of your choice from the BASG Shop

FIRST PLACE: Two (2) items of your choice from the BASG Shop

My wife really wants to make chocolate chip cookies for the winner, so if you end up winning and that interests you, we’ll be in touch.

And just as a little added enticement, just remember that I am horrendous at this. I never win, or even come close. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to competing against y’all and losing to the vast majority of you. Good luck!

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