A great solution for Tim Hudson if Giants acquire another starter

I heard something in the press box yesterday that was brilliant, only I can’t credit the person who said it.

For one thing, it’s hearsay.

“You know what so-and-so suggested?”

That’s how it started.

Also, I’m pretty sure the person who came up with this idea wouldn’t want his or her name made public. So I’m going to keep his or her name a secret. Don’t worry, whoever you are … I’ll never tell!

So why am I writing about this at all? Because it’s a great suggestion, it probably wouldn’t offend anyone, and I can’t hold back any longer.


You know how the Giants are supposedly interested in just about every major league player these days?

I still think the Giants are trying to get in the Dodgers’ way, and I’d be surprised if they landed any starting pitcher before the deadline, let alone an ace.

But just for fun, let’s say they traded for David Price. What would they do with Tim Hudson, who isn’t pitching all that well (his ERA is 4.80, which is like having a 7.00 ERA back in the early/mid-2000s) and wouldn’t be of any use to the Giants as a reliever. Would they designate him for assignment? Would they figure out some disabled list-worthy injury, like something affecting his surgically repaired ankle?

That brings us to the idea I heard yesterday:

Why not trade Hudson to the Oakland A’s?

It’s too good. The Giants would have to pay most or all of Hudson’s remaining salary, but no one could complain that the Giants were disrespecting a great player in his final season. Hudson wouldn’t have to worry about relocating, and he’d go back to where he started his career.

It’d also be a great PR boost for the A’s, who probably don’t care about such things but could certainly use one. Plus, Barry Zito is pitching pretty well in Nashville and could join the big league rotation any day. The Athletics’ season is over, but if they want to shut some of their young arms down in September, they can finish the campaign with two of the “Big Three” in their rotation and probably sell a lot more tickets than they would otherwise.

I don’t know, it’s probably one of those ideas that makes TOO much sense. Plus, the Giants would have to deal for another starter, and that’s probably a lot more difficult than Giants fans on Twitter want to believe. It’s a fun idea, nothing more. But after hearing it yesterday, I thought it was worth sharing.

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