Merry (belated) Christmas, guys! Hope Santa got everybody something they wanted this year.

I definitely got a couple really nice things, although a 49ers win on Sunday night was apparently not in the cards. It’s only Wednesday, which means 49ers fans will have a long four days until a chance for some repentance over the Cardinals this Sunday.

That shelacking in Seattle had me in a real sour mood, so I decided to go back over the season and look for the 49ers’ best moments. Considering I spent a good six hours learning how to finally make .gifs, I thought I’d make the most of my work and give something back to you.

Here are some of my favorite moments from this season; Sorry if a few of them are cut short — Imgur only allows a maximum of 5 MBs and the 49ers had some pretty long scoring plays (LONG SCORING PLAYS! That’s new!) this season. If there’s anything I missed, be sure to comment and maybe I’ll make another post. Enjoy!

Week 1 vs. Green Bay

There’s plenty that I could have drawn from here, but I decided the biggest play of the game came in the fourth quarter when the Packers were trying to make a push, which NaVorro Bowman put a stop to with this pick:

Then, on the very next play, Frank Gore took this handoff:

and put the game out of reach by doing this with it:

Week 2 vs Detroit

There was plenty of good hard hitting to take from this game, but my favorite play was this beautiful touchdown on the 49ers’ opening drive:

Right in the breadbasket. Let’s hope Vernon Davis is healthy enough to catch a few more of those this season.

Week 5 vs. Buffalo

This was the brutal beating in which the 49ers’ offense broke NFL records. Here is one play that contributed to it:

Week 8 vs. Arizona

There were a couple really nice plays in this game. Alex Smith was dead on accurate, as was Dashon Goldson on this hit:

I’ve been staring at this for hours.

Randy Moss wasn’t too shabby either:

Judging by those moves, Moss has a promising shot at “Dancing with the Stars.” Let’s hope he can help the 49ers a little more before he makes that career-ending move, though.

Week 11 vs. Chicago

Here’s where the Kaepernick era really began for the 49ers, and its start was hot and heavy, highlighted by this big play to Kyle Williams:

Here’s a better angle:

The other star of the night was Aldon Smith, and this might be my favorite of his 5.5 sacks:

Week 12 vs. New Orleans

The 2012 Saints weren’t exactly the heavyweights they used to be, but New Orleans is a tough place to play nonetheless. That didn’t phase Ahmad Brooks:

Week 14 vs. Miami

Not much happened offensively for the 49ers in the game, until Kaepernick took matters into his own hands in the 4th quarter:

Week 15 vs. New England

This was probably the NFL’s game of the year, with plenty of highlights for the 49ers. Like this:

and this:

and this:

Then there’s this hit from Dashon Goldson, and who could forget it? Goldson certainly wont:

There weren’t many highlights from last week’s Sunday Night Football game worthy of finding a home on this post, but that’s the way it goes in the NFL sometimes. It’s been a stellar season for the 49ers, short of a few bumps in the road. With a playoff spot already clinched and the NFC West title well within reach this Sunday, postseason play is coming fast for the 49ers. Until then, hope you enjoyed your (.gif)t and Happy New Years!