This week we’re running a contest. The winner will get a work party catered by Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria for up to 18 people, but the party will include champagne, something Amici’s recently started offering at all their locations. Here’s proof:

Amici's pizza and champagne

If you’re not someone who usually goes for broccoli on pizza, Amici’s will happily oblige with some pepperoni, combos, or whatever else you want. The point is they’ll bring pizza and champagne to your work, and all you have to do is enter our contest.

How? Just comment on any (or all) of our four contest posts running today, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll pick a winner on Friday, and you can either provide a company holiday party for your workplace or supplement your regularly-scheduled holiday party with another. You can never have too many parties, especially in December. Did I mention my birthday is coming up? Sorry, got off track there.

Amici’s is pairing their pizza with champagne, and this site about Bay Area sports gets pretty lively when paired with local media coverage. So that’s why it made sense to go with the following theme over the next four days:

Jaymee Sire2013 Bay Area Media Story No. 1: Jaymee Sire leaves CSN Bay Area for ESPN

Say it ain’t so! 

That was the reaction from many local fans who had come to appreciate Sire’s skills as a reporter (and, based on the feedback I got, there are more than a few people who think she’s rather attractive) when we broke the story back in February. She was probably best known around here as sort of a second Giants beat reporter for CSN along with Andrew Baggarly. She asked relevant, no-nonsense questions, yet was still good-humored enough to handle getting a pie in the face from Pablo Sandoval.

As for her work on ESPN, that’s where you guys come in. I don’t watch “The Worldwide Leader” too much these days, so I actually haven’t seen her on television a single time since she left the Bay. The only place I see her is on Twitter, where she’s still posting links to her “e is for eat” blog (another good reason to kick off this Amici’s contest with Jaymee) and recently threw a little jab at a certain local radio host.

One last thing … of all the “radio wars” and other related posts we wrote about this year, the one about Sire moving to ESPN garnered the most traffic of any media story on the site in 2013: over 25,000 pageviews. Looks like people across the country have been searching for Sire after catching her on one of ESPN’s highlights shows.

So about this contest …

Let’s make this one a two-parter:

1. How is Jaymee Sire doing on ESPN? Is she a good anchor? Have you tuned in specifically to watch her?

2. What do you think of the current non-Insider talent on CSN Bay Area? That means leaving out Baggs, Matt Maiocco, etc. We talk a lot about the radio people here on BASG, but what about the local media men and women who make their money in front of the camera? Here’s your chance to sound off.

To enter the contest you can answer the first part, the second part or both. Up to you.

A few last things about the Pizza + Champagne Contest

You can win the 18-person party if you comment and meet the following requirements:

  • You’re at least 21 years of age.
  • You check the email linked to your comment regularly (that’s how I contact contest winners).
  • You work somewhere in the Bay Area.
  • You work in a building with other people (like an office, for example).
  • Your boss would approve of champagne getting served (if you’re the boss, this shouldn’t be an issue).

If you can’t meet those requirements but want to comment on Jaymee and CSNBA anyway, just let me know in the comments with something like “I’m not eligible to win” or simply “ineligible” at the bottom. But if you do meet the requirements, this is a pretty cool prize. The last contest winner, a reader named Denise who works in at an office in downtown SF, said the party was a blast and served as a great pre-Thanksgiving sendoff for her coworkers.

So good luck, and happy commenting!