If you haven’t heard about the Marty Lurie BINGO event on Saturday, here’s a description from the man himself:

Who better to let us know besides Marty, since it’s his famous catchphrases that’ll be the backbone of the game?

Before the Giants play the Diamondbacks at 6 pm, we’ll meet up at The Public House. Marty will do his KNBR 680 Giants Pregame Show on the patio throughout the afternoon like he often does, but there will be a twist on Sept. 7: we’ll be playing BINGO! We’ll be handing out one free BINGO card (and the cards were created by the world’s preeminent Marty Lurie expert, LOL KNBR Callers, so you know they’re good) to each person who wants to play along with us, marking down squares as Marty does his thing.

We’ll also sell extra BINGO cards as well as raffle tickets, with 100% of the proceeds going to Junior Giants.

What can you win?

Prizes include 10-person pizza parties donated by Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria, as well as several items provided by the San Francisco Giants specifically for this event. Throughout the week I’ll give you guys a sneak peek of what you can win, along with some sample BINGO squares.

Today’s Giant prizes: BOBBLEHEADS

SF Giants bobbleheads zito posey vogelsong

Two of each player: Barry Zito, Buster Posey, Ryan Vogelsong

If you like Bobbleheads and mark five squares in a row, you’ll be in luck on Saturday. And since I promised a few sample BINGO squares …

Marty Lurie Bingo sample

That’s only the beginning — I’ll be unveiling more prizes and squares tomorrow (and you can find more details on the event and RSVP here) — in the meantime, make sure to mark Saturday, Sept. 7 on your calendar and come play Marty Lurie BINGO with us for a great cause!