Aaron Rowand

A toast to Brian Sabean

Home runs and strikeouts, that’s the blueprint. And as exciting baseball plans go, that’s as good as they come. Tonight’s game was like an ode to the Giants’ kinda-sorta-but-not-really-embattled general manager, when you think about it. Edgar Renteria went 3-for-4 in the leadoff spot after not hitting any higher in the order than 7th (and that was only once) in five starts since coming off the DL. Buster Posey definitely wasn’t called up too early, but his rock star season definitely wasn’t hurt by staying in Fresno until June (and…neither were the ownership group’s pockets — ZING!). Aubrey Huff and Jose Guillen did what few people besides Pablo Sandoval could do last season — hit the ball over the fence.

Moves that are made can be praised the second they’re consummated, and any time thereafter. Moves that aren’t made aren’t usually celebrated unless a championship is won, but think of how much it would have hurt to see Jonathan Sanchez pitching postseason games for a team like the Houston Astros in two years, all so the Giants could get 3 lousy months from some choad like Lance Berkman.

So let’s toast to Mr. Sabean tonight. No HillenGarko stinkers this year. Well, during the season anyway (cough…Dragon Naturally Speaking…cough). Even Mike Fontenot, a move I thought was completely unnecessary at the time, has proven beneficial. The relief pitchers he picked up have been absolutely incredible (Yes, I know their names!). Even if the Giants fall flat on their faces in the coming weeks (and there’s not much reason to believe this season can end in any other way than a paralyzingly close series to end the season against San Diego), it’s time to forgive him for Aaron Rowand.

(This note is for Brian only: I did my part. I wrote what you told me to, even though Renteria’s groin is likely to explode like the watermelon that hits this woman’s face if he’s suddenly the everyday starter and leadoff hitter. You better keep up your end of the bargain and sign Carl Crawford this winter. Tell them the blogosphere is “clamoring for Crawford.” Bring in the Giants’ social media team, they’ll vouch for me. My credibility’s on the line after pumping you up like this; the least you can do is convince the brass to cough up another 7-year, $126 million contract.)

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