Brian Wilson GiantsBrian Wilson worked out for New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson on Jan. 14 and apparently did not impress.

The 30-year-old two-time Tommy John surgery recipient showed off the goods at UCLA on Monday, but failed to convince Alderson that he would be ready for opening day.

“Physically, he’s not ready. He’s got a long way to go.” a source told the New York Post.

The Mets were prepared to offer Wilson a minor league deal, but Wilson is looking for a high-profile Major League Closer job, not a spotlight in Triple-A.

Word on the street is Wilson may be asked to work out with the Mets again during Spring Training if he remains a free agent, but the Flushing-based team is not looking to rush into anything. Maybe they’re hoping he’ll shave by then.

As a reminder of Wilson’s resume, he had his best season in 2010, recording 48 saves, 1.81 ERA, and striking out 93 in 74 2/3 IP. He’s had two Tommy John surgeries – the first in 2003 and the second in April 2012, when he only pitched in two games before his season-ending surgery. Oh, and he’s also a Certified Ninja. In fact, I think I know where his workout with the Mets went wrong:

Sandy Alderson: “Can you run a couple sprints for me?”
Brian Wilson: “Like a Ninja?”
Sandy Alderson: “Um no. Just … regular, please”
Brian Wilson: “I don’t understand. So you don’t want me to run away like a stealth Ninja?”
Sandy Alderson: “Oh hey, look at the time…”

Apparently he thought all he had to do to get the job was this:

Only time will tell how everything will shake out with The Beard, but I’m thinking he may be coming back to San Francisco after all. Where else is he going to find 40,000 weirdo fans wearing fake facial hair every night who’ll love him unconditionally always and forever (unless he goes to the Dodgers)?

What do you guys think? Is Mr. Wilson going to stay in the Bay?