Aldon Smith 49ers whoa hairAccording to a report from NBC Bay Area, Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker have been sued over a house party that got a little out of hand over a year ago:

San Francisco 49ers All-Pro linebacker Aldon Smith and his former teammate are named in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by a man who was shot at a party the NFL star hosted last year.

Ronndale Esporlas filed the lawsuit in Santa Clara County. The lawsuit claims Smith and former 49ers’ tight end Delanie Walker repeatedly and illegally fired weapons on numerous occasions during the June 2012 party.

Smith and his friends also charged $10 per person to enter the party, according to one of the victims.

Smith was stabbed at the party held in the East San Jose foothills.

The lawsuit also claims Smith and Walker consumed significant quantities of alcohol and were legally intoxicated. It also said the players knew the handguns were illegally possessed.

Smith and Walker appeared on the balcony of Smith’s home to try and end the party and began to fire shots into the air, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims Walker then made his way to the driveway where he allegedly fired more shots into the air and toward others attending the party.

$10 per person — if that’s true, it would appear Smith got some business advice from A.J. Soprano, who made money charging his friends for red solo cups at parties during an episode.

This lawsuit story came out after the 49ers’ locker room was opened to the media on Tuesday afternoon, and probably won’t get much run tomorrow during Jim Harbaugh’s press conference. However, Smith is scheduled to appear at the podium on Friday.

However, before we get carried away … David Fucillo from Niners Nation (who graduated from law school and decided he’d rather blog about the 49ers instead — smart man) had this response to the news:

Fooch wrote about the lawsuit in greater detail here. It’s worth a read if you’re into the legal specifics.

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In non-lawsuit news …

— Chris Harper arrived from Seattle, where he said the Seahawks tried increasing his pay to convince him to stay on their practice squad. He said he refused because he wanted a chance to play. I asked him what he’s noticed in his short time with the 49ers that’s different from the way they do things in Seattle.

“It’s different. It feels more like how it was in college at K-State,” Harper said. “I know Harbaugh has a lot of respect for Coach (Bill) Snyder. It’s similar.”

Since Pete Carroll left the Pac-10 only a year before Jim Harbaugh, I found Harper’s assessment of the two teams interesting.

— Harper’s a stocky guy, but he isn’t quite as large as Walker, who also came out of college as a wide receiver. However, Harper will be expected to replicate what the 49ers’ former No. 2 tight end did as a jack-of-all-trades H-Back. Harper said he watched Walker on film the night before.

“His name got brought up a lot today. I’m going to watch a lot more, because we’ll be doing a lot of the same things,” Harper said. “They put him all over the field. He’s a great athlete. That pops off the film. He’s a big guy who can run.”

— More Harper, who’ll wear No. 13: “I thought I was a great blocker playing receiver, but now I’ve got to block dudes like Aldon and Patrick. So we’ll see.”

— Kyle Williams had a lot of interesting things to say today, including the 49ers’ plans to use him as their punt returner on Sunday and what he thinks about that 57-yard pass he caught from Colin Kaepernick against the Chicago Bears.

— As Quinton Patton was walking out of the locker room I asked him a very, very important question: what’s up with the grill? After all, along with his two touchdown catches (and accompanying dance moves), the rookie wide receiver’s oral accessory (he wears it along with his mouthguard on the field) caught the eye of several 49ers fans.

Patton actually removed the small gold piece that sits on his lower front teeth when I asked if he was willing to chat. While he was friendly enough to stop on his way out to the parking lot, he didn’t have much to say about that particular piece of jewelry he’s been wearing since he left Louisiana Tech.

“I just wear it, doesn’t really symbolize anything at all,” Patton said.

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