On the field, Aldon Smith has little trouble finding the quarterback. Off the field, trouble has a pretty easy time finding Smith.

The latest from Seth Boster, Sports Editor at The Maneater (Mizzou’s student newspaper):

Smith issued a denial via Twitter:

No police report and no hospital visit means this story falls into the category of footnote rather than headline, but a disturbing trend of Smith getting mentioned in difficult situations after Letterman starts continues:

1. Jan. 28: DUI in Miami that was later reduced to a reckless driving charge. Time of incident: 4:33 am.

2. June 30: Stabbed at his own house party. Time of incident: shortly after 2 am.

3. Sept. 14: Passenger in a single-auto car crash (where the driver “swerved to avoid a deer on a road in unincorporated Santa Clara County Friday night and ended up on its side on a dirt embankment”), which left him with a cut over his eye that required stitches. Time of incident: 11:45 pm.

Smith probably deserves the benefit of the doubt for the third incident. He wasn’t driving, it wasn’t that late and there wasn’t any mention of alcohol or fighting.

And with so few specifics known and no police report to reference, we can’t even be sure that Smith was engaged in any type of altercation last night in Missouri. Perhaps his friend got jumped or nothing happened at all.

However, as a young millionaire who stands out in a crowd because he’s extremely large and quite famous, Smith has the same target on his back many professional athletes face. With so many incidents all taking place in 2012, maybe he needs to make a New Year’s resolution for 2013 — either find new friends, pick up a new hobby or both. With the way things have been going since Smith finished his dominant rookie season, he’d be smart to reduce his risk of facing a charge that can’t be dropped or a suffering wound that won’t quickly heal.