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Aldon Smith pleads no contest to all charges, could face jail time (yeah, right)

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San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith, who has racked up four of the team’s ridiculous NINE arrests since 2012, pleaded no contest to all charges today. That’s no contest to the misdemeanor DUI charge, and no contest to three felony weapons charges.

Statement from San Francisco 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke:

“We are aware that Aldon entered a plea today in a case that we have closely monitored. Today was an important step towards bringing that situation to a resolution. Any further questions concerning today’s hearing should be directed to his attorney.”

Sentencing is on July 25, and Smith’s punishment can range anywhere from no jail time at all to four years and four months.

Spoiler: it’s going to be nothing, or close to it.

Smith is a millionaire athlete, the kind of person with an excellent agent who knows excellent lawyers. The 49ers picked up Smith’s 2015 option for $9.75 million, and teams don’t do such things unless they have a pretty good idea the player they’re extending isn’t on his way to jail.

I’m one of the few “bloggers” who never went to law school, but we all know how this story ends.

This has probation, community service and possibly a suspended jail sentence written all over it.

The only things now in the way of Smith avoiding getting locked up are the LAX case (which seems to be fizzling away, much like the “suspicious incident” in Miami involving Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton and Ricardo Lockette) and the time between now and sentencing. One would think that with all that has gone on, Smith would have absolutely no problems keeping out of trouble … but this is No. 99 we’re talking about. It seemed like he turned a corner after last year’s insanity, then he’s allegedly making bomb threats to TSA agents.

To be fair, according to CSN Bay Area the word “bomb” was not used by Smith at the airport. Smith also told CSNBA that he’s “focused on staying focused.” But is he focused on staying focused on staying focused?

Who knows, but the gloom-and-doom stuff about an NFL suspension that could last as long as a year will probably seem laughable relatively soon. Smith already spent five games away from the team last year when he went to rehab. His suspension will probably encompass four of the 49ers’ games — eight, maximum.

Most people who admit in court that their BAC was over 0.15 when they slammed their vehicle into a tree in someone else’s yard are going to have a difficult time keeping their jobs — forget enjoying the honor of their employer offering up a one-year extension that provides a 317% pay raise. The gun charges are another story entirely, one where I don’t even know where to begin since I don’t even own a water pistol. (Not that I’ve ever been arrested after passing out and colliding with a tree, but … oh, never mind.)

Smith is an entertainer with skills that are beyond rare, plying his trade in an immensely popular sport in a nation where the quality of your judicial system experience is commensurate with the quality and price of your legal counsel. The 49ers hope he takes advantage of the privileges afforded to him thanks to fortunate DNA and a first-rounder’s bank account, and never embarrasses them again. Maybe Smith can take some of that 2015 option money and hire a 24/7 bodyguard/chauffeur, and keep the criminal mischief to a minimum for the rest of his life (or at least through the 2015 season).

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