Aldon Smith 49ers 99

“This is a problem and it’s something that I will get fixed.” — Aldon Smith after yesterday’s game.

On Thursday night, Smith attended Noble, a nightclub in San Francisco. On Friday, Smith crashed his pickup truck into a tree in someone’s front yard. He blew a .15 and was booked under suspicion of DUI, and practiced a few hours after getting released from jail. On Saturday, the 49ers reportedly had discussions on whether the right course of action would be to deactivate Smith or allow him to play against the Colts. On Sunday, Smith played every defensive snap in the 49ers’ 27-7 loss, making five tackles.

Smith, 23, will likely miss several games depending which rehab facility he attends and how long his stay lasts. This is all conjecture, but if Smith stays in rehab for exactly one month he’d get released a few days before the 49ers face the Jaguars in London. The likelihood of Smith making the trip in this case would seem low, even if he was somehow able to stay in “game shape” while in recovery.

The 49ers have a bye week after facing the Jaguars, so it would seem likely that Smith would return to the 49ers on Nov. 10 when they host the Carolina Panthers. There’s also the possibility of an NFL suspension looming, although we don’t know how Smith’s rehab might play into their decision-making process or if the NFL might wait until Smith’s case is adjudicated. Regardless, the most important thing for Smith’s career and life is to get as much as he possibly can out of his rehabilitation process.

For a look at what Smith faces as he heads to rehab, Ruthless Sports Guy has a detailed breakdown here.