Remember yesterday when I said that we’re giving away one 10-person pizza party from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria and one Amici’s 25th Anniversary t-shirt? Sorry, that was an error on my part. We’re actually giving away two pizza parties and two t-shirts this week, and the way to enter is to comment on the contest posts that’ll appear daily.

Today, we’re going to ask a question that should be a fun one to answer for every 49ers fan.

What is your favorite 49ers playoff memory? 

If you’re really young, you’re probably going to mention something that occurred during the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ NFC Divisional Round win over the New Orleans Saints. Also, if you’re really young I’m not sure I’m supposed to give you a prize due to legal reasons. But we’re giving away pizza and t-shirts, so let’s not worry too much about that.

Jerry and JoeThe 49ers have won five Super Bowls, but my favorite moment came on January 8, 1989: a 28-3 win at Soldier Field over the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game.

I was a wee lad back then, so my optimism in regards to all things 49ers-related was almost nauseating. I always thought the 49ers would win, and it didn’t surprise me at all when they rallied late in the season to make the playoffs after winning only six of their first 11 games to start the 1988 season. Heading into the NFC Title Game, the 49ers supposedly didn’t stand a chance. The Bears allowed the fewest points in the NFL that season, and we all know how much the media loves a good Chicago defense.

The 49ers were counted out before the opening kickoff due to the weather. With 20 degree temperatures and a wind chill of 2 degrees, San Francisco’s passing game would freeze over and the Bears would show these wine country pansies how REAL football is played.

Then the game started, and the Bears were the team that couldn’t find their footing as Jerry Rice caught a 61-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter. Rice would end up with 133 receiving yards, Joe Montana passed for an extremely efficient 288 yards and 3 TD (completing 17-of-27 pass attempts), and the 49ers’ defense clamped down on Jim McMahon and Mike Tomczak with ease. It was the closest thing to perfection that I had ever seen on a football field, considering the elements and the opponent, although it took me looking at the box score today to remember that the 49ers weren’t penalized once.

The Bears were embarrassed that day. If you were ever curious why Mike Ditka always picks against San Francisco during those ESPN studio shows, remember this game. Chicago went 6-10 the following season, and Ditka never made it to another Conference title game. There would be several other fantastic moments in their future, but no other game disproved the completely ridiculous “finesse” image of the San Francisco 49ers better than that Solder Field stomping.

So what’s your favorite playoff moment? I’ll be picking two winners at the end of the week, stay tuned for more contest posts.