Andres Torres hugNote: Today’s contest question is in the middle of this post.

It’s a move that almost makes too much sense. The San Francisco Giants need another outfielder, preferably a switch-hitter with range, and Andres Torres was available. That’s putting it lightly. If you were the Giants, Torres is the guy who’d rather crash on your couch than stay in a hotel room, regardless of how rich he became. Torres loved being a Giant to the point where it was almost uncomfortable (in my opinion, anyway) when he came back to town with the Mets this past season.

Sure, it was great that Torres got a well-deserved standing ovation from the AT&T Park fans. But before each game in that series he lingered around the Giants while they took BP, hugging everyone in sight. While watching him enthusiastically chat up Giants players who didn’t seem quite as engaged was almost a little sad, and I wondered what the Mets thought. Probably something like, “Dude, what team are you on?”

Now Torres is back, and as you’re reading this he’s probably out in his backyard — shirtless and wearing a pair of meggings-tight True Religions — practicing his celebratory outfield leap against mannequins hanging a few feet off the ground from a tree branch wearing Angel Pagan and Hunter Pence uniforms. I’m not sure the space-time continuum can handle Torres colliding with Pence, let alone Pagan trying to make sure he’s known as the Giants outfielder with the most hops. Which Pagan would, because these things are important.

Torres is coming back on a 1-year deal for $2 million, and don’t let what you’ve read thus far fool you — I approve. Torres isn’t exactly Nick Swisher, but he’ll add to what will start the 2013 season as the most harmonious clubhouse in recent memory. It’s a fun signing all around, even more so if Torres can earn playing time by reverting back to the 6.9-fWAR player he was in 2010. Everyone who looked overjoyed during the 2012 Parade will be back, and Torres (the happiest man during the 2010 Parade) joins in the fun.

Fun, fun, fun. Reunited and it feels so good, and all that.

With that in mind, which other Giants would look good in the orange in black … again? Which brings us to today’s contest question:

If you could have any former San Francisco Giant make his triumphant return in 2013, which one would it be?

Like you saw in Monday’s Giants Gift Guide (which Giant would you invite to your pizza party), Tuesday’s Sergio Romo interview (which Niner would you invite) and yesterday’s BASGcast (which radio host would you invite), you can enter once per day by commenting in the contest post. At the end of the week, I’ll pick two winners who’ll both receive:

  • A Pizza Party for 10 people from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria (lots of free and delicious pizza)
  • The “Official 2012 World Series Film,” which I reviewed here (DVD or Blu-ray, winner’s choice – $35 value)
  • The 8-disc “San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Collector’s Edition” Box Set (DVD orBlu-ray, winner’s choice – $100 value)

There are a lot of ways you could go with this, even if we’re keeping the responses limited to guys who left the Giants and played for other teams in 2012 and are also currently available via free agency:

Cody Ross: After a terrible 2011 with the Giants, the “Boss” hit 22 home runs for the Red Sox, his third season with over 20 homers and his first since 2009. Ross mentioned wanting to play in a more hitter-friendly park before leaving San Francisco for Boston, and he’d want a full-time starting gig (which would push Torres and Gregor Blanco into the No. 4 and 5 roles in some order).

Mike Fontenot: This impish fella is available after seeing some action with the Philllies in 2012. Remember the great Fontenot vs. Keppinger debate? Keppinger signed with the White Sox for three years and $12 million. Maybe I was a little hard on the Kepper.

(Update: This was wishful thinking on my part — Fontenot signed with the Tampa Bay Rays.)

Francisco Liriano: He never played for the Giants, but he was the guy that got away back in 2006. He hasn’t been able to keep his ERA below 5.00 for a couple years, however.

LaTroy Hawkins: If the Giants are going to let Guillermo Mota go (which they should), Hawkins would provide the Giants with a 40-year-old reliever who might actually pitch okay.

Jonathan Sanchez: He’s available! Tough to believe after an ERA of 8.07 in 15 starts with the Royals and Rockies, but it’s true.

A.J. Pierzynski: Just making sure you were paying attention.

Actually, if you want to bring someone back to the Giants who played for (or was paid by) the team in 2012 (Brian Wilson, Aubrey Huff, Ryan Theriot, Freddy Sanchez, Mota … Aaron Rowand, even), that’s fine. Just as long as your comment has something to do with the question, you’ll be eligible to win one of the prize packages. Good luck!