Andrew Bogut must be bored tonight because he sent out a tweet around 9:30 that turned a lot of heads:


The younger version of the person this picture was supposed to be portraying is Festus Ezeli. Man, I’m all for some playful jabbing between friends but this just seems… wrong. I’m not overly sensitive by any means, and apparently Festus isn’t either:

Digging a little deeper, it looks like Ezeli was actually the one who started this, but regardless of who threw the first stone, it’s turned into an all out battle. Ezeli made the next move, comparing Bogut to Ashley Simpson (remember her?):

But now Bogut got a little help from some fans (after asking for it) and came up with this gem:

These two are just throwing zingers now. Bogut’s tweet this, this, this and this as I’ve been writing about the situation. Oh, and this. I can’t keep up anymore.

Festus has been just as active, hitting Bogut with this, this, this, this and this. Here’s my favorite, though:

I’m sure there will be plenty to come. We’ll keep you updated, with more at 11.