One of the highlights of Tweedia Day was Andris Biedrins, who was asked about the controversial interview that came out of Latvia (“mistranslated”), and made no bones about the fact that was happy that changes were made. But first, as Daniel Turman of Fear The Beard said as he brought up this question to Andris about his hair, it’s time for fun and games.

First, the hairstyle is different. While there was still product present in Biedrins’ shorter locks, the gel wasn’t used to point Biedrins’ hair toward the sky today. But according to Biedrins, this is all part of a “new chapter,” just like his old nickname of “Goose,” which I’ve heard refers to his favorite vodka, Grey Goose (Has Andris gotten sponsored by some new type of awesome tequila, like Vince in Entourage?), although it might also be in reference to Goose from Top Gun.

Another thing I love about Biedrins’ huge “announcement”? That he said both of his former trademarks should be hung in the rafters. Hey Andris, if you can stay healthy and go back to averaging double-doubles, maybe your actual jersey will get raised when your number’s retired! OK, enough from me, check out the video.

Dre? Dre????? Wouldn’t it be “Dri” or “Dris”? The part I missed was when Marcus Thompson II (to the left), asked Biedrins if his new nickname was “Duck,” which caused Biedrins to throw up his hands, tell us he was through (while laughing), and walk away (before I had the chance to ask if he’d be okay with the other nickname I’ve heard hung on him, “Beans”).

Why oh why did I turn off the Flip Cam five seconds too early?!?!