Angel Villalona

Angel Villalona suing San Francisco Giants for $5 million

The strange saga of Angel Villalona continues. According to an AP report I can only find in Spanish, Villalona, who was once a top prospect for the San Francisco Giants before he was charged with murder back in September 2009, is suing the club.

En el documento legal, del que The Associated Press recibió una copia, la demanda de Villalona reclama 10.400 dólares en salarios no recibidos y cinco millones de dólares de indemnización por los daños morales y materiales experimentados. También le exige a los Gigantes tomar una decisión con relación a su situación contractual en un plazo de cinco días.

For those of you who, like me, aren’t fluent in Spanish despite trying to learn the language for a few years in high school, here’s the last paragraph in English thanks to Google Translate:

In the legal document, which The Associated Press received a copy of the demand for $ 10,400 claiming Villalona wages received and five million dollars in compensation for moral and material damage experienced. Also requires the Giants make a decision regarding his contract situation within five days.

I’ve looked all over and I can’t find a report on this in English, which is unfortunate because at the end of the AP story it seems like (based on my rudimentary knowledge of the language) his case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence:

Villalona fue acusado por el homicidio de Mario de Jesús Velete en septiembre del 2009 y declarado inocente en diciembre del 2010, de acuerdo a la sentencia del tribunal del Distrito Judicial de La Romana.

“Villalona fue descargado por la acusación de homicidio y en la actualidad no pesa ningún cargo en su contra. No hubo suficientes elementos de pruebas y por eso fue descargado”, dijo el fiscal de La Romana, José Polanco.

But according to Google Translate, here’s what those previous two paragraphs mean:

Villalona was charged with the murder of Mario de Jesus vane in September 2009 and pleaded not guilty in December 2010, according to the court ruling of the Judicial District of La Romana.

“Villalona was discharged on charges of murder and currently does not weigh any charges against him. There was sufficient evidence and therefore was discharged,” said the prosecutor in La Romana, Jose Polanco.

We also got this quote from Villalona:

“I’m practicing and working hard because I want my baseball career,” said Villalona. “I can not discuss the process with the Giants, but I can only say that I want to play.”

Obviously more will come out regarding this situation after the Giants put forth an official statement on the matter. The main takeaways are that Villalona is playing baseball again and his legal troubles seem to be behind him. Whether or not Villalona, who turns 21 tomorrow, is in shape either physically or mentally is obviously a huge question mark. But with this lawsuit, his chances of working his way through the Giants’ system again — if they ever existed — appear to be nil.

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