Who rides segways? Tourists in Golden Gate Park wearing helmets and rolling quietly in a single file line past the Conservatory of Flowers, lead actors in mall cop movies and George W. Bush. One would figure an offensive lineman would rather be seen on a Razor Scooter or driving a Smart Car than puttering around on a Segway, but Anthony Davis isn’t your average right tackle.

The 49ers are playing in London, and Hertfordshire is a city of just over 1.1 million about 45 kilometers away. Whether the 49ers are staying in Hertfordshire or just sightseeing, there’s a more important question here — can a Segway hold up under the weight of an NFL o-lineman? Davis is listed at 323 lbs. (146.5 kg), and according to Segway.com the maximum weight one can hold is 260 lbs. (117 kg).

Except offensive linemen do everything together, so of course Davis wouldn’t be riding alone.

I’ll defer to Snyder here. Maybe the listed weight maximum is bogus, or there’s some special Segway OL version I’m unaware of. Either way, I have a couple favors to ask anyone reading this who happens to live in England.

1. If you happen to have connections, hook a lineman up. The man gave away a puppy, the least we can do is get him a Segway.

2. If you happen to see a gigantic man (or nine huge men, if everyone on the o-line joins Davis and Snyder) riding Segways in Hertfordshire, TAKE PHOTOS AND SEND THEM TO ME.

For an idea of what this scene might look like (perhaps without the uniform and pads, though), my wife mocked up a little something:

Anthony Davis 49ers Segway Hertfordshire

Anthony Davis riding a damned Segway. I should probably just cut up my credit card now or I’m going to end up on a plane to Heathrow in week.