Anthony Davis SF 49ersAnthony Davis is hands down my favorite athlete to follow on Twitter. Truth be told, I don’t follow many of them. For the most part, their tweets consist of either product promotion or general greetings (“GM! Have a blessed day!” or “Rise and grind!”). Then there are players like Donte Whitner, who can’t seem to either a.) filter themselves or b.) change their own password properly.

But Davis is a special breed. He’s the man who cultivated the #StopCohn movement. He frequently tweets wildly inappropriate things and then deletes them. In fact, his tweet count is floating around 200 even though he’s sent out many more. You’re never quite sure what to expect from the 49ers’ young offensive tackle.

Today he was quite active on social media. Davis posted three pictures on Instagram in a span of two hours, but the activity that’s caught the nations attention happened on Twitter:


He didn’t post any pictures of what’s surely an adorable puppy, but that didn’t deter several people from begging to be the one who gets it. Less than a half hour later, the English Bulldog found a home:

I’m a softy when it comes to dogs, and if I didn’t have an absolute handful of my own (see my author bio) I might have tried to take this puppy off of Bam’s hands myself. Let’s all hope the new “bad ass” dad really wanted a dog and not just a story to tell.