San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis stepped to the podium today in Santa Clara, and he was asked about Thursday’s preseason opener against the Denver Broncos. I’ll include a video, because what he said got a few laughs from everyone in the media tent.

Davis wasn’t talking all that loudly or into the microphone, so I went ahead and transcribed the brief Q&A segment.

Q: The young guys are going to get their first taste of NFL action. Is there any advice you could give them? What do you remember about your own experiences in your preseason debut?

Davis: (Laughs) I don’t know if they want advice from me about first games. My first games didn’t work out very well as a rookie, but all you can do is keep working.

Q: What were you not prepared for the first time? What do you think you learned from that experience?

Davis: I don’t really have any excuses, I just played like shit.

Q: Who was the first preseason game against?

Davis: My first preseason game was against the Colts, against Robert Mathis.

Q: Any specific plays you remember from that?

Davis: Don’t want to.

Anthony Davis SF 49ersI checked out the box score from Davis’ first preseason game, in which the 49ers defeated the Colts, 37-17. Mathis recovered a Michael Robinson fumble on the 49ers’ first offensive play of the game, but he didn’t record a tackle, let alone a sack. I remember Davis having a tough go in his rookie year, but I didn’t remember his performance in this particular preseason game. So I checked out the SFGate archives and found a few things:

From David White’s game recap: “The starting offensive line allowed two quarterback hits, with rookie right tackleAnthony Davis and rookie Nate Byham getting beat on stunts.”

From Kevin Lynch’s blog: “The offense was really hampered by the QB play, and the inability to pass protect, particularly by right tackle Anthony Davis.”

Lynch’s blog also included this line, which has nothing to do with Davis but deserves mention:

“Anthony Dixon is a god. He just ran into the end zone for a 5-yard score and delivered a knock out stiff arm to defensive back Mike Newton. Wow. This Dixon guy is unbelievable. 34-10 49ers. Amazing.”

Whenever anyone gets hyped up about what happens in a preseason game, just remember that a respected NFL beat writer with a major publication once wrote, “Anthony Dixon is a god.”