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Anthony Davis is not a fan of Grant Cohn

I don’t follow a lot of athletes on Twitter, but I’ve followed San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis for several months because his feed is different — brutally honest, occasionally profane, always entertaining. Most athletes on Twitter keep their opinions on the politically correct side of things, and almost every athlete avoids saying anything negative about anyone in the media.

Davis is not like most athletes.

Today Grant Cohn of the Press Democrat wrote a piece based on his observations from Thursday’s 49ers practice, a post that included some anecdotes which apparently drew the ire of Davis. Before we look into Davis’ tweets, let’s dive into some of the passages from Cohn’s story that may have bothered the offensive lineman whose Twitter bio reads: “i kick ass for a living.”

(Josh) Johnson hovered next to the other new face on the team – Randy Moss – trailing the great wide receiver around the field like a spaniel, asking questions and cracking jokes, trying to make a good first impression.

Crabtree and Ginn, the coolest guys on the team last year, the two dudes who most of the other players looked to for social validation, shuffled over to Moss like star-struck kids.

Ginn even dressed like Moss – red shorts and black tights. Ginn was blatantly copying Moss’ style. Last year, Ginn had his own style. He always practiced in white tights which he pulled over the heels of the cleats. Lots of Niners coppied him – Crabtree, Kyle Williams and Frank Gore, to name a few. Today, Ginn was the copycat.

He was also a shagger, but not a wide receiver. Ginn didn’t participate in any of the wide receiver drills – he shagged balls like an intern. Either he’s hurt or he has no role on offense this year, or there’s something I don’t understand.

Kaepernick consistently overthrew his target, which was impressive in this drill, but it foreshadowed the rest of his afternoon in which he consistently overthrew receivers on most plays. Deep passes, crossing routes, out patterns – Kaepernick overthrew them. He has a rocket arm, but he still has trouble with accuracy and touch.

If Davis read the entirety of Cohn’s report, here’s where he may have reached his boiling point:

As Moss leapt in the end zone and caught the pass, the Niners went wild. Anthony Davis threw his hands up in the air and squealed like a child.

Here’s Davis’ first Cohn-related Tweet, which is still up. (Wait, a few minutes later he took this one down as well, which means each of the following tweets have been deleted):


Davis didn’t specifically explain what issue(s) he had with Cohn. Does he have a problem with a writer extrapolating so much about how the 49ers interact with each other, and/or the remarks about “social validation”? Comparing Johnson to a dog, Ginn to an intern and Davis to a child probably didn’t help matters, either.

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