Since it’s Friday, here’s a not-at-all-serious update on one of top Bay Area athletes on social media, San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis.

Hey 12s, the headline … it’s a joke. J-O-K-E. I know the Seahawks aren’t the only team with players that have gotten in trouble for ingesting banned substances.

If you think this post started off with a disclaimer so I could possibly avoid having to read a bunch of “#GoHawks” comments, followed by pointless arguments between fans of the Seahawks and 49ers, you would be 100% correct.


Now that we have that out of the way …

Who doesn’t like Outkast? We listened to “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” on our way up to the Trinity River a week ago. It’s hard to think of many rap acts (or any musical acts that started in the early-1990s) whose music has aged this well. Anthony Davis is a bit younger than yours truly, but he’s still a fan.

The photo came with this:

bamdavis_ outkast

Which led to the following discussion with handlebusinesshavefun:


bam davis doesn't take aderall

That’s it. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.