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Links: Arco Arena sign removed, Deadspin strikes again

I’ve been busy lately writing thousands of words, going to tennis matches and transcribing interviews of San Francisco Giants, but there’s other stuff going on in the world of sports. One of the stories that has caught the most attention is one I couldn’t care less about: the 400 people who bought tickets to the Super Bowl that they couldn’t use, because the NFL was too busy giving Jerry Jones a foot rub to realize they sold too many tickets … or something.

Really, you had me at “people who bought tickets to the Super Bowl.” Is there a group of people less sympathetic than people who attend Super Bowls? You’re either incredibly rich, a corporate executive milking the system, or you’ve saved up all your money to make a really lame impulse purchase. Does anybody feel any sort of connection with that guy on the commercial who has gone to every Super Bowl? All that tells me is that you’re old, you have money, and you really enjoy showing off how much money you have.

Now we’re supposed to care about how much money these 400 poor saps are getting from the NFL. Care about how they’re suing Jerry Jones and the NFL. How they’re unhappy with the $2,400 they were offered by the NFL (3x the face value of the crappy tickets they bought for makeshift seating deemed too unsafe to use before the game) or round-trip hotel, airfare and tickets to any future Super Bowl.

Don’t care.

I know it’s February, when the sports news stream traditionally slows to a trickle, but does everyone need to have an opinion about this? Rich people were inconvenienced. End of story. Good thing I just spent three paragraphs going over this non-story.

More worthy of our attention

– Marvin Dinozo of the FairWeather Channel drove out to the barn in Sacramento where the Kings play, just to see them take down the  “ARCO ARENA” sign. Now it’s going to be called “Power Balance Pavilion.” Catchy. (Davis Sports Deli)

– A.J. Daulerio continues on his year-long quest to bring the New York Jets down once and for all with their latest “story,” about Mark Sanchez’s dalliance with a 17-year-old girl (legal in NY). You’ve probably already heard about this, but if you haven’t and someone makes a “grass on the field” joke about Sanchez and you don’t know what they’re referring to, click the link. (Deadspin)

– Even if Michael Young put the Giants on his list of eight teams he’d be willing to allow the Rangers to trade him to (a list which includes the Astros), the idea that the Giants should even consider Young anyway is absurd. (Splashing Pumpkins)

– The Nuggets are in town tonight, and the Warriors are interested in their starting center, Nene. How that’s newsworthy I don’t really know, since they stand almost no chance of acquiring him, but this quote from Brandan Wright caught my eye:

“You really have to ask Coach Smart why I couldn’t help the team out in that (area),” said Wright, who scored on his one post-up attempt during just five minutes of play in Monday’s 104-92 loss to Phoenix. “I guess I’m not the man for the job right now. I could easily produce. I’m in the best shape of my life. I feel good about my game.”

For Wright to go that far, he has to be over it. Don’t blame him. With Andris Biedrins giving the Warriors nothing most games, Ekpe Udoh and Wright should each be playing as many minutes as Biedrins every single game. (CC Times)

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