The Oakland Athletics solidified a spot in the postseason on Monday night, something nobody imagined they’d do a few months ago. Since the A’s probably weren’t going to get a parade just for making it to the Wild Card elimination game, if they lost their next three games they wouldn’t get another chance to celebrate this year.

On Monday they eliminated the Angels, a team that spent over $300MM on Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson and later added Mike Trout (with all apologies to the Triple Crowners, the clear AL MVP) to their roster in April after their big-money plan went down in flames. But since they still had a chance to topple the mighty Texas Rangers, some questioned the A’s exuberant celebration. Over-exuberant, according to the frontrunning teetotalers.

Ray Fosse was in the clubhouse interviewing players. Well, half interviewing, half chastising. Even guys who had Tuesday night off got it from Fosse.

“Kuip, I got a guy who’s going to be pitching on WEDNESDAY. Right now you’d never think that. A.J. Griffin…”

Yes, that’s how he started his interview with Griffin, who looked like he was in the midst of the happiest moment of his life until Capt. Buzzkill grabbed his shoulder, gave him an accusatory stare and stuck a mic in his face. Now Griffin has a chance to propel the A’s to the most glorious, ridiculous, fantastic story of the 2012 regular season.

Why? Because even though they (gasp) poured alcohol on each other, smoked cigars and let loose on local cable television, they were still able to win a baseball game almost 24 hours later. If you ask the people who lost their s— this morning, the A’s winning 3-1 over Texas on Tuesday night had to be the most miraculous thing to occur during this storybook season.

Sure, the division was still in the balance. But why should the A’s do anything else than whatever the hell they want at this point? Their fans didn’t start filling up the park until the day after they clinched. The owner has no idea how he comes off in public and seems pretty happy with an underground marketing scheme that still hasn’t made its way to my apartment, at least. Even when they torched everyone in July, it was considered just a phase by most. They share a freaking stadium with the Raiders…

Still, radio hosts like Larry Krueger and Gary Radnich complained about the A’s excessive fun-having on Tuesday morning. Score a point for “The Game,” as no one from the Rise Guys, Chris Townsend or Matt Steinmetz (from the bits I heard, anyway) made a big deal out of the clubhouse party — almost as if the A’s are independent adults who owe us nothing!

If the A’s win on Wednesday afternoon to become the fifth team to come back from a 13-game deficit to win a division, they should show all the people who complained on Tuesday morning that Monday night’s celebration was nothing compared to Wednesday afternoon.