AT&T Park postseason

A labor battle has been brewing at AT&T Park between the concession workers and Centerplate, the firm that operates the concessions for the Giants. It’s a fight that could boil over in the near future.

Matier and Ross in the Chronicle have the breakdown:

Concession workers at  AT&T Park — unhappy over the progress of negotiations for a new contract with the stadium vendor — have called for a strike authorization vote Saturday.

Roughly 750 union-represented concession workers at the ballpark — from cashiers and cooks to suite attendants and food hawkers — have been working without a contract for three years…

She and the other workers are employed by Centerplate Inc., a South Carolina concessionaire that operates around the country.

Michael Casey, head of the workers’ union, Unite Here Local 2, tells us talks with Centerplate have bogged down over economic issues and management’s refusal to guarantee that a contract would be enforced if the Giants replaced  Centerplate as their concessionaire.

Three years is quite a while to work without a contract, so it is easy to understand the frustrations of the workers. On the other hand, Centerplate noted in the article that the workers are earning $15-20 an hour with 100 percent health care covered, which in a still rough economy for finding work looks pretty good.

If a strike is called, Centerplate has said that there wouldn’t be any disruption to fans at the game with the concessions manned by management workers and replacement workers. The thought of guys who normally wear suits hawking cha cha bowls and garlic fries is an interesting thought, but I wonder how crossing a potential picket line to get to a game would go over in union-friendly San Francisco?

If the concession workers go on strike, would that change your plans to go to a game or change whether you would purchase food once inside the stadium?


Right after the post was published I got an update from Unite Here Local 2. The vote on authorizing a strike during the baseball season is scheduled for Saturday from 8 to 10 am and 2 hours after the last pitch at ILWU Local 34 Hall. We should have an idea of the results of the vote some time after. I will update as more information becomes available.