AT&T Park concession workers held a vote on whether to authorize a strike on Saturday, and 500 of the 516 workers (97%) who voted were in favor of doing so. “The vote authorizes union leadership to call for any action including up to a five-day strike and a boycott of food and beverage at the park,” according to concession workers union UNITE HERE Local 2, which created a website that says how many days workers have gone without a raise (1,500+) and a rotating scoreboard that lists increases seen since 2010 in beer prices (13%), ticket prices (20%), team revenues (14%) and value ($223M), while also noting that wages have increased 0% over that time.

There have not been any announcements regarding a strike that will take place in the next 24 hours, so tomorrow’s game will probably go smoothly in the food and beverage department at AT&T. That may not be the case when the Giants get back from their road trip to Toronto and Colorado, however. The first game of their next homestand will be played May 20. On that night we might see the unveiling of the “Social Media Cafe” they announced before the season that’ll be housed where the Build-A-Bear station used to be. We could also see a change in who works the concessions.

Centerplate’s response:

“We see this as an unfortunate decision today that was encouraged by the unions,” said Centerplate spokeswoman Gina Antonini. “This as a very unnecessary step given that there are active negotiations going on.”

Should the workers eventually decide to walk out, the stadium concessions would be staffed by management and other employees, Antonini said.

Replacement workers, often called “scabs,” are controversial among union members and nonmembers alike. However, if someone is unemployed and unable to care for his or her family, and a replacement job that pays higher than minimum wage becomes available, it’s easy to see why someone would consider becoming a replacement worker. Heck, Joe Montana, Dwight Clark and Roger Craig crossed the picket line in 1987.

A commenter on BASG linked to a Craigslist advertisement supposedly posted by Centerplate on Bay Area Stats Guy’s post on Friday about the possibility of a strike.


For formatting reasons I had to shrink it down. In case it’s too difficult to read, it says:

Centerplate @ AT&T Park is Hiring for All Positions (SOMA / south beach)

It is a busy season at AT&T Park and we are hiring for all positions.

We will be accepting applications at Candlestick Park from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (690 Jamestown Blvd San Francisco CA) in the Centerplate offices on Monday May 13th and May 14th.

We look forward to seeing you there.

First, there’s no phone number or email address. And when I searched the address on Google Maps, Centerplate didn’t come up in the results. Centerplate’s mailing address is in Stamford, Conn., and their job listings only include one position in California: Sous Chef at the San Diego Convention Center.

What does Google Earth show at 690 Jamestown Blvd? (Since I don’t think there is a 690 Jamestown Blvd, this is for 689 Jamestown.)

Here’s one side of the street:

Jamestown Blvd SF

And here’s the other:

Jamestown Blvd Candlestick Park

That’s right, this is the road behind Candlestick Park. This is not a safe place to be at night, or even during the day for that matter. Candlestick Park’s address is actually at 490 Jamestown Blvd. Maybe Centerplate does have an office there (I couldn’t find one in any of my searches). Maybe there will be some protestors there. Maybe it was posted by someone within the Union to galvanize the troops. Or, maybe it’s just a prank and no one will be there besides whomever you might find at Candlestick Park on a Monday in May.

I sent an email to Ashley Luneberg, who is listed as Centerplate’s media contact, to see if I could find out more about the ad’s legitimacy. But at this point, if you’re hard up for a job I’d recommend applying for something else on Monday instead of driving or busing over to The Stick.