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AT&T Park Garden now open, two smaller avocado trees now growing behind CF wall

AT&T Park garden kumquat

Buy me some kumquats and artichoke …

The Giants are growing a bunch of fruits, vegetables and herbs behind their center field wall, as they’re betting that *some* (definitely not all) baseball fans will start craving salads during games instead of foot-and-a-half-long corn dogs filled with cheese and bacon.

The whole thing is soooooo San Francisco, except San Diego already did it first. So, it’s fitting that AT&T Park opened their new garden (called “The Garden”) in the middle of a series with the Padres.

Hunter Pence, the King of Kale himself, was there. Here he is, eating some salad with a group of kids.

SF Giants Hunter Pence garden AT&T Park

If you’re looking to get some healthy grub between the bleachers in left-center and right-center, this is the place to go. You can buy salads, sandwiches on fancy bread that include assorted meats and green items, marinated olives, bruschetta — all the stuff you think about fans in the bleachers craving between beers Nos. five and six.

There are a few picnic tables and patio areas to sit and not watch the game — I didn’t see any TVs, but I’m guessing at least one or two will be added to the concession stands on either side. Mostly, this place is about the garden itself. All sorts of plants are already growing and looking pristine in there. We’ll see how long that lasts, as home runs have been known to fly into that area from time to time.

That’s another thing. The first thing I noticed when I came in was the wind. I was facing home plate, and is was blowing strongly and directly at me. There’s been talk that the new setup beyond the wall, with everything now open, is causing a jetstream of sorts. Maybe that’s how the Giants plan to compromise with the “move the fences in” crowd.

That list of items growing back there includes avocados, and yes — there is an avocado tree back there. Two, in fact. I was told that one of the trees was probably an offshoot of the original avocado tree that grew behind the center field wall for years, but I couldn’t get 100% confirmation there. Here are both trees, along with a few other photos I took of the place.

The avocado tree that may or may not be an offshoot of the original, on the right field side:

AT&T Park avocado tree sf giants

The avocado tree on the left field side of the garden:

AT&T Park Garden Avocado Tree Giants

More plants:

San Francisco Giants AT&T Park garden

AT&T Park Garden plants SF Giants

The view when you walk in from the center field gate:

SF Giants AT&T Park Garden

Food (I’m guessing the portions will be bigger):

AT&T Park garden food SF Giants

It is now legal to juice at AT&T Park:

SF Giants juice bar AT&T Park garden

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