Going to keep this one short, because on Wednesday evening I was covering this edition of Giants/Mets for a traditional media outlet tonight called The SportsXchange, writing a (gasp) objective game story. That means I can’t ignore the visiting squad and focus on stuff like what songs were playing in the Giants’ clubhouse.***

Weird, I know.

It’s the first time since I started getting press access that I had a story completed when the game ended. That meant that while the game was going on, I was tasked to write a piece as if there was no way the Giants could possibly win … actually, now that I think about it, the assignment wasn’t all that hard.

Not a good showing for Matt Cain (who was off from the start and was lucky to only allow 2 runs), and Hunter Pence went 0-for-4. However, Pence enjoyed one of the warmest welcomes I can ever remember a San Francisco Giant receiving, a spirited standing ovation before his first at-bat and ridiculously loud cheers when he reached first on a wild pitch after one of his two strikeouts.

Pence talks about the fans here. This video starts with the word “awesome” and ends with the word “awesome.”

Video length: 0:40

In this one, Matt Cain talks about a start to forget. “It was just a constant struggle,” he said. “That was a long five innings for me.”

Video length: 0:26

Gregor Blanco Catch II

“That might have been the best catch I’ve ever seen in person,” Pence said.

Video length: 0:38

“Blanco picked me up again,” Cain said.

Video length: 0:11

***In the visitors’ clubhouse, the Mets were listening to “Macarena” to celebrate the win. I’m not joking.