Anthony Davis SF 49ersIf any one player represents the kind of team Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh want to build and sustain, it’s Anthony Davis. So it makes sense that today he was signed to a five-year extension worth $37.3 million that goes through 2019. Many times the years and base salaries don’t really mean much in the NFL, so the key information here is that Davis’ deal includes $17 million.

However, since Davis is only 23 and has already shown to be extremely productive and durable (he hasn’t missed a game in three seasons, even after his finger was broken in half during the 49ers’ win in New Orleans over the Saints this past season), there’s a strong chance this deal plays out as stated today. Speaking of statements, here’s what the GM had to say:

“Anthony is a very hard working, dedicated and talented young player who has earned the respect of our entire organization,” said Baalke.  “Having already made significant strides early in his career, Anthony is just beginning to realize his full potential. We look forward to watching him achieve even greater results in the years to come.”

The 49ers go into this deal expecting some first-team All-Pro nods for Davis, who was the 10th best tackle in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus in 2012 and the No. 3 ranked right tackle. Pretty good for a player who some worried about after he was drafted. There were rumors that he was immature — the guy didn’t even turn 21 until after the fifth game of his professional career — and some wondered why the 49ers traded up two spots to get him. By most accounts that was Mike Singletary’s call, and looking back it’s also proof Singletary knew what he was doing … some of the time, anyway.

Singletary probably liked Davis because he doesn’t back down from anyone, be it Cliff Avril (who absolutely hates Davis, and now gets to face him twice a year after signing with the Seattle Seahawks), Terrell Suggs (who called him “fake tough,” which is completely ridiculous) or bloggers for the Press-Democrat. During their little Twitter-spat before the 2011 season, Grant Cohn asked, “What’s the over/under on your career, AD?” At this point Vegas would probably set that line at 10 years, and I’ll take the over.

I fed Alex Boone a question I pretty much knew the answer to during Super Bowl week (video here): “Alex, taking yourself out of the equation, who’s the nastiest member of your offensive line?” I just wanted to hear how Boone would describe No. 76, since Boone has a great way with words.

“Oh, Anthony Davis by far,” Boone said. “He’s just the nastiest person I know. I love it. I love playing next to that man.”

Boone is signed through the 2015 season, so he’ll probably get to play next to Davis for three more seasons. If the 49ers lock up Boone long-term — and with the way the 49ers would rather extend their own players rather than signing expensive free agents from other teams, that looks likely — he’ll get to for even longer than that. Another player who might be looking at an extension pretty soon is Mike Iupati, who was drafted six spots after Davis in 2010 and already has a first-team All-Pro to his credit.

And in case you were wondering what Davis is going to do with all of his guaranteed money:

Bam Davis Amusement ParkSince the 49ers’ facility is right next to Great America, this plight probably bothers Davis almost every single day. I can just picture it now: The XXXL Demon, Drop Zone Grande, and Top Gun for O-Linemen.