Alyssa Milano

Barry Zito gets Dikembe’d by Alyssa Milano

Barry Zito finally feels confident enough to want people to watch him pitch, even ex-girlfriends. Check out how Zito slyly tries to get back in with Alyssa Milano, via Twitter. Thanks to scout6 from McCovey Chronicles for sifting through BarryZ’s page and finding this little gem:

Zito: @Alyssa_Milano Me vs Billingsley Friday. You going?

Translation: “I know we used to date and you probably can’t stand me for one or more reasons, but I figured I’d ask you if you already bought tickets for the game I’m pitching at Dodger Stadium. I’m not offering tickets, and I really don’t feel like calling or even texting you, but I figured I’d namedrop you on my Twitter page in order to possibly get some new followers. It’s killing me that you have three times as many sheep reading your page as I do.”

Here’s Alyssa’s response:

@BarryZito no. My tix are Thursday and Saturday. I will be watching on TV though.

Translation: “Just because dating Brad Penny officially made me America’s Favorite Baseball Whore, don’t think you can steal my Twitter shine, has-been. You know why I’m going on Thursday and Saturday? Because I knew you were pitching on Friday and I’d have to deal with your ‘assistant’ coming over to my seat and asking if I wanted to hang out with you at your house for a night full of John Mayer covers and mouth herpes. Uh, no thanks.”

So for a recap, in the past week Twitter has caused people to think Brian Wilson blew a save due to a hangover, days before allowing anyone with an internet connection to witness Barry Zito’s ex rejecting his advances AND giving him the Mutombo finger wave. Wilson got rid of his Twitter account. Zito, ask yourself, is Twitter really worth it just to show off your love of music?

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