When you watch 162 Giants games a year, you fall into a routine. Sit on couch in underwear. Open cold beverage. Laugh at Kruk and Kuip jokes. Marvel at how gutsy the seagulls are getting. Tweet rage/joy on outcome of the game.

Ho hum.

How about we spice things up a bit? Invite your friends over and play a round of CSN Bay Area Bingo.

Yup. You heard me right. We’ve gone retro and are trying to bring back Bingo in a huge way. CSN Bingo is the first of many bingo sheets to be released for your enjoyment. How do you play? Print out the sheet, mark off the scenarios as you hear them on the broadcast, and when you win? ICE CREAM!*

*Ice cream may or may not exist, depending on whether or not you have ice cream at your house. 

Here’s a peak at the card – you can download your own version here:

Official BASG CSN BA Bingo Card

Future Bingo Cards are already in the works including:

  • Marty Lurie Bingo Card (by one of our favorites, @LOLKNBRCallers
  • Fox Sports Bingo Card
  • KNBR Bingo Card

I know what you’re thinking. “But Carmen! I don’t have any friends!”

If you’re like me and not as gifted in the “friends” department, here are some alternatives:

  • Play with your cats (this is what I do) 
  • Bribe co-workers with pizza (this is what Steve does)
  • Play by yourself in your mom’s basement while eating Hot Pockets and Flaming Hot Cheetos (this is what @LOLKNBRCallers does, or so I assume, since his identity has not been revealed)

No excuses. Print ‘em out and get your Bingo on.