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BASG Exclusive: Jimmy Raye’s script

For all the talk about “hitting people in the mouth,” the 49ers have been left rubbing their own sore jaws after 6 of the team’s first 10 games. Uncertainty at the quarterback position, a porous and injury-prone offensive line and a defensive secondary that looks weaker by the week can all be listed as reasons why the 49ers’ record is only 1 game better than the supposed trainwreck across the Bay.

But since the 49ers are stuck with the players they have for the time being, many are taking a closer look at the coaching staff, especially on the offensive side. The Niners have a tradition steeped in bright offensive minds who would script the first 15 plays of the game, utilizing imagination and preparation to jump out to an early lead.

You’ll be happy to know Jimmy Raye also scripts the first 15 plays of each game too. In fact, his offense is so efficient that he uses the same script for EVERY GAME. And, being the resourceful people we are here at BASG, we’ve gotten access to Raye’s prized tactical gem. Even though this could compromise the Niners’ offensive security, we’re going to release them in the name of journalism and transparency.

One interesting thing about Jimmy Raye’s script: it contains no play names or numbers whatsoever, just descriptions of the plays. And I’m not sure Bill Walsh ever included punts in his 15-play scripts, but I would never question Raye’s methods. No, not me. No questioning here. Not one question. And this transcript is word for word, including Raye’s notes in parentheses (which I put in italics):

Play 1: 3-step drop. 3-yard pass to the right sideline to either Gore or Crabby (preferably at receiver’s feet).

Play 2: Gore, run up the middle (Fysical).

Play 3: Send Smith running backwards, quickly (like he’s in fear of losing his life). First option: Vernon 2 yards short of first down. Second option: late developing screen to Gore (preferably at Gore’s feet).

Play 4: Punt (is anything more fun than watching Andy Lee kick a football? I. THINK. NOT.).

Play 5: Gore run up middle (with an “F”).

Play 6: 3-step drop. 2-yard pass to left sideline to Crabby (preferably at his feet).

Play 7: 5-step drop. 7-yard pass across the middle to Vernon, regardless of defensive coverage.

Play 8: Punt.

Play 9: Wildcat Formation (Awwww Yeeeahh). Direct snap to Gore, hesitation, stutter step, fall into the line of scrimmage.

Play 10: 5-step drop. 2-yard pass to either sideline (Alex’s choice).

Play 11: Shotgun. 15-yard pass to Crabtree to the left sideline (First first down, but don’t get too excited. We need to hit them in the mouth. Slowly).

Play 12: Gore up the middle.

Play 13: 3-step drop. Offensive lineman goes down with knee injury (gotta plan for these things). Opponent’s best pass rusher goes unblocked, Smith throws behind Vernon before he turns around.

Play 14: 5-step drop. Forced pass to Bruce one yard short of the first down marker.

Play 15: (4th-and-inches) Moran Norris dive over center (you HAVE to reward the big man in situations like this).

Walsh. Holmgren. Shanahan. Raye. The tradition lives on.

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